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Workstyle Freestyle 53 - World365 Loop

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Hi Hoxbies! Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to Workstyle Freestyle. With me, Alex Hirst, and with me, Lizzie Penny. As you can see, we are limbering up for the 2020 Hoxby Challenge. You may remember, in 2019 we did the World 365 Challenge which was to go circumnavigate the earth through our collective efforts of exercising so whether that be running, swimming cycling, playing football, walking the dog, whatever it might be, we added together our total mileage and tried to get around the world. We smashed it! We totally smashed it! We did! We did around 29,000 miles against a target of just short of 25,000. So, in the spirit of #AlwaysImproving, one of our values here at Hoxby, we are trying to go a little further this year. But not just a little further, twice as far. This year, we're doing what we're calling a Loop The Loop! So we're going, around the Equator, and we're also going to be going around again, the Meridian. So that gives us a collective total of 49,761 miles to achieve. So, join us. If you want to follow the action it's #HoxbyWorld365Loop and get involved! We're asking obviously as many Hoxbies to get involved as we think it's a pretty tough challenge but it's all in the spirit of fantastic mental health and overall wellbeing for everybody, as part of the community and in spreading that positive message more broadly. I've got us about halfway there right? I was going to say, you must be... I mean... the number of takes this video has taken, you've got us probably, a good halfway. Thanks for tuning in, we've been Workstyle Freestyle, see you next time! Bye! Right, now it's my turn.

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