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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:47:50 - 08:02:25

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Like this, for example... -I'll put it on. -Here's how you do it. When you're done, with the tip of the brush do like so... Color it in like this. See? Go ahead. I will put it on for you and then you'll color it in. -No, no, no! -Uh-oh. If you color outside the lines... I'm going to help you because you don't know how. Excellent. But... Look what you did! Look what you did! Don't touch anything. Don't touch anything. See how pretty? Come here. Here, take this. Come here. Now I'm going to close it. We want to....If I knew, for example... Put it here. -Like this, freestyle. -Are you doing to write? I'm going to draw. A rose? -Look what I made. -I made a rose but it didn't turn out right. Look... Hey! I want to find a pretty color. His hands should be blue. -Oops! There's yellow! -Yellow? -Yeah. Where's the yellow? -Abdullah took it. -Really? -No...Yeah, I found him... You were sleeping...I found him playing with it. -Can I play with them? Can I play with them? -Where are they? Where? Did you see where he put them? -He threw them away. -Where? -I told him to put them under.... -Where did he put them? -Wait, I remember. He put them in a bag. He took the bag... went to the street corner and threw them away. -Where did he throw it? -I was kidding. -Where is it? I didn't see Abdullah. Mama? Hey, Mama? Nothing. I wanted to just wanted to check. Abdullah...I could have killed him. -This color is really pretty. I like it a lot. -Yeah. -You knew where it was. -Yeah. -Why didn't you tell anyone? -No, I just looked around... I was looking around like this and I found it next to the bag. Where are the tissues? Bring me tissues. Bring them to me. I don't want to do anything anymore. I'm bored. But you, you keep on playing. -Ahmad? -Yeah? -Come here. Do you want to play with the clay or work with me? Clay? Did someone use some of this? Give the clay to Ahmad. Come here Hamza. I'm going to take this Jamila. Can I take this one? You have some clay, so play with it. But if you lose some you'll be sorry. -How come you did it like that? -Don't touch anything. Here's a fork... Yeah but here... -Here they are. -Let me do it. Fine take it. But make it pretty. It doesn't need...Put it here. I want to color this again...I'll do it like... Now it's red. "You don't know how?" -Okay. But what...Give it here. -I'm going to ask Papa... -He travelled far...♪♪ -You don't see it on the paper. Now I'll bring it for you. Come on. I don't have pink. I have purple. -You don't have purple? -Give it here. I'm going to color this purple. I colored the shoes in purple. I love you. He travelled far...♪ His hands should be yellow. -Is there anything purple? -Yeah, this is purple. Color in this t-shirt. Don't color in these lines. -Give it here for a second. -Just this? -No, no. Don't color that in now. Listen. Give it here. This is supposed to be red, right? Isn't there a little red one? Hamza, where is the little red? Here it is. We messed up his face. Here's what I'll do. I'll fix it like this. We need to go back and fix it. -It's empty. -Really? -The red. -No. Hold onto the purple. Don't touch anything. Don't color anything. If it runs out, I have some more. No, it isn't empty. See? Your hands are better today. We know he is upset. Papa messed up his face. Do you want to play this game with us ♪... We have to...If we want to erase it like this... Erase it? Yeah, let's erase it. Here's what we should do, Hamza. Erase it all. Erase it all and then we'll color this like this. This should be like this. You should color it like this. Look at what I'm making for you out of the clay. Think of it like this. Here, hold this for a second. I don't want the red now. Here. Where's the purple? You closed it? No, that one has been dried up for a long time. Day before yesterday... If it runs out, you know what I'll do? I'll go buy some paper and she'll give me... Are you using the sparkly one? Just some of this one and this one. -This is going to run out. Did you know that? -It was like that before. -This too. This one is dead. Fine. If you use it, you'll be sorry. Watch out if you use the sparkly one. Mmmm. Pretty. Here, give to me. Should I make you one like this? -Don't mess it up! If you mess it up I'll... -I'll do it like this. -It doesn't matter to me. -Look! -I told you. -I told you it doesn't need to be colored. -Let me color. One second. - See? Like this. - Jamila... It doesn't matter if you go outside the lines. Oh God, don't stick it here! -I stuck it on. -No, no, no! Get rid of it. -Should we erase this color? Should we erase it? -Yeah. Strolling around...♪ Look how the ball turned out. Ms. Zouhour is here. Good morning! Move over. Scoot. -Let me color. -Here, take it. -Like this. -Yeah. -Take it. Draw, draw, draw. Come on! Should I color this white part? Ms. Zouhour, is it time for dabkeh? Now? Soon. No hurry. -Can Hamza and I play with them if I... -No, you can't play with them. You'll mess them up. I'm putting them away. -Are you going to Atfal as-Sumoud? -Yeah. -Don't go. We can play when I get back. Pass me the brush for a second, I want to do one more thing. You'll get to color again, just let me... Hold the purple. He's carrying it in his hand. Mama, am I going to dabkeh? I need 1,500. -Will you give me one from here? I want the yellow. -I'm going to erase it. Give me the yellow one Jamila. -No. Ahmad, for God's sake, leave it alone. -I'm going to toss it. -Fine. I don't want to do anything anymore. I don't want to do anything anymore. I'm done. You, you especially...Don't play with me ever again. Bring me that net. Hamza put this back where it belongs. -And this one on top of it. -What about the big one? -What can I do to fix it, Hamza? -This is the big one. -It's empty. We can fix... We're done. We're finished. -Me? I wrote it? -See? I wrote it, didn't I Jamila? Put your legs down, Ahmad, ok? -Put your legs down. -Like this? ...lying is wrong...Oh Papa, God gets angry at those who lie. His eyes cannot sleep...♪ -Now put this next to it. -Huh? -Next to this. Do you see it? I'll get it down for you. It fell down I want to sleep, then I will see you more often, Papa...♪ Ok, Mama, it's stable like this. Take this. Put it away. Come here, let me tell you something. Put this clay over here for me. Here, put this away. Put this away too. I know which one. -That's my brother's clay. -Ahmad. -Put this away too. -No one... -Put down the phone. Come back and drum with me. I don't want to play with you anymore. I don't want to. I don't want to. No! Do you want this? Ahmad.

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Duration: 14 minutes and 34 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 136
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 23, 2009

Jamila at home.

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