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Sermon Text: Ephesians 4:17-24 Sermon Text: Ephesians 4:17-24 Let us rise for the reading of this morning's Sermon Text recorded for us in Paul's Letter to the Ephesians where we read from Chapter 4 beginning with Verse 17: SO I TELL YOU THIS, AND INSIST ON IT IN THE LORD, THAT YOU MUST NO LONGER LIVE AS THE GENTILES DO IN THE FUTILITY OF THEIR THINKING. THEY ARE DARKENED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING AND SEPARATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD BECAUSE OF THE IGNORANCE THAT IS IN THEM DUE TO THE HARDENING OF THEIR HEARTS. HAVING LOST ALL SENSITIVITY THEY HAVE GIVEN THEMSELVES OVER TO SENSUALITY SO AS TO INDULGE IN EVERY KIND OF IMPURITY, WITH A CONTINUAL LUST FOR MORE. YOU, HOWEVER, DID NOT COME TO KNOW CHRIST THAT WAY. SURELY YOU HEARD OF HIM AND WERE TAUGHT IN HIM IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TRUTH THAT IS IN JESUS. YOU WERE TAUGHT, WITH REGARD TO YOUR FORMER WAY OF LIFE, TO PUT OFF YOUR OLD SELF, WHICH IS BEING CORRUPTED BY ITS DECEITFUL DESIRES; TO BE MADE NEW IN THE ATTITUDE OF YOUR MINDS; AND TO PUT ON THE NEW SELF, CREATED TO BE LIKE GOD IN TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS. This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray: Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. [Text taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, 1973, 1978, 1984, used by permission of Zondervan Bible publishers] Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: This week I installed a new operating system on my computer. Might not seem like a tremendous event in your lives. But for the second half of this week, my life has been stressful; filled with headaches in trying to learn and figure out new things. Like why when my Word documents come up now, there is not a little scroll bar on the side. I thought what ... now how am I gonna get to the bottom of this 150-page document? Other than putting in the cursor and using a little button to go down through every line. So what do I do? Go check out ... something must be wrong with the mouse. Because I can't figure out why all of a sudden all of my documents keep going sideways. Or the whole page goes up and down. Because the mouse that I have now been using for over two years, has that little thing you move and click the cursor in, now I use my finger. So I can scroll up and down, by rubbing the top of my mouse. I can flip pages back and forth from side to side. Then I have to sit for an hour and do this because it's so exciting and new that I can do all these great new things. But I think sometimes it just reminded me of my everyday life. That I go along in my everyday life doing things the same way that I always do and I lose sensitivity to those things. I can drive here from my house and not even really look at any of the scenery anymore. You know, take a different way home today from church and your mind is gonna be filled with things you hadn't seen before. Things that are there that because of the way we view our life and the way we live it as being routine, we just accept they're always going to be there or that we just don't even see them anymore. And that's why we, as people, also really need to hear this reminder from Paul. That reminder that he gave to the Ephesians to be truly aware of our life of sanctification. To be truly aware of our life and how we live it for Christ. Not to become routine and complacent. But to really see the things that are there. To renew our minds to have a change of attitude. So that we trust in Christ; that we live in faith. That when you have that reminder each and every day because how easy it is for us to just become complacent. Become satisfied with that routine that we do each and every day. And Paul says that really is a reflection of a way that the world lives ... the unbeliever lives. They have lost all sensitivity. The only thing they're looking for because of the darkening of their hearts, the darkening of their souls because of their unbelief, is the way to satisfy themselves. And they give themselves over to that in every aspect of their life. And they are continually wanting new ways and finding other ways to satisfy those selfish needs. Those selfish desires to make themselves feel good and their life to be easy. And Paul says that is not how you came to know Christ. That is not your life. That you are not living in that world of darkness governed by sin, governed by your own selfish desires, but you have been bought by the blood of Christ. Purchased to be His brother or His sister. That the Holy Spirit has created in you faith. Faith that knows God and trusts God and wants to believe in Him and live a life that reflects that faith. To live in that knowledge of Jesus Christ. To put our trust in Him. And to be aware of why we trust Him. That renewing of the mind. We have two interesting examples from our Scripture lessons for today. Jesus Himself, having fed those 5,000 people, withdrew away from them to have some time to pray; some time to reflect and be with God and those people came after Him. They sought Him out. They wanted to know when they found Him when He had gotten here. And Jesus was very clear with them: You didn't come here seeking Me out as your Lord and Savior. You came because you had your fill. You came because you ate bread and you ate fish until you could eat no more and there were leftovers of that. That's why you came to me. That's not why I have come to you. I have not come to you to be a fulfiller of your physical needs ... of your bodily needs. I have come to be your Savior. I have been sent from the Father to this world to take away your sins; to take care of your spiritual needs. To take care of your eternal needs. And when those people questioned in their minds: Then what are we to do? What are we to do in order to live the way you want us to live? And Jesus said: Believe in Me. TRUST in Me. And what a reminder for us that sometimes we think that God is only there to hear our prayers about our physical needs. Because those are the things that are first and foremost in our mind and those are the things that we continually go to Him for in prayer. How often do we go asking that God would enlighten us? To fully understand Scripture better. To be able to live that in our lives. To put that into practice; to allow us to be His witnesses. To pray for opportunities to show our faith. To trust Him more. To believe in Him. To ask for those spiritual blessings, as well as those physical blessings. It's how we renew our minds. And then we have our Old Testament Lesson for this morning where God's people, because they were frustrated on their journey to the Promised Land, turned against Moses and Aaron and started grumbling against them: You're the ones who brought us out here. You're the ones who are gonna cause this entire nation to die. It is your fault. Oh, if we could only be back in Egypt where it was easy; where it was comfortable. And God comes to them through Moses and reminds them it wasn't Moses who brought them out of Egypt, it was the LORD! It was the LORD who was saving them; protecting them; caring for them. And those people weren't grumbling against their leaders, they were grumbling against God. And what a reminder for us in our own lives when we get frustrated at times. When we don't understand the things that are going on in relationships ... whether they be in church or outside of church. How easy it is for us to turn to that base instinct in us to grumble and complain instead of turning to God and praying for answers. Instead of turning to each other and working it out as God has directed us. Renewing our minds; trusting that Jesus IS our Lord and Savior together we can work those things out for the good of His Church. Because sometimes when we're grumbling, it really is against God! And we just need to recognize that in our life. To admit that sin to God. And He will forgive us. To live that life of faith. To go to God with all of our concerns and requests and know that He fulfills them and we thank and bless Him for them. And then that each and every day we live in His love. We live in this state. We put off that old self that is constantly corrupted by sin. That wants to chase after and do everything that is against God and everything that is selfish for us. And to live in the attitude of Christ. To be focused on Him. To live as He lived, in accord with God's will. Doing what God asked of Him. Doing what God required of Him; those things that pleased God. And what a reminder it is for us today because we all know that we have good intentions sometimes but sometimes our good intentions just remain that. Intentions. And we don't put them into practice. And we don't do them. But sometimes it's in the doing that we understand God's will. And that doing those things becomes our new routine; looking for ways in order to do God's will. Seeking out those that we can help; seeking out those that we can show God's love to. Seeking out those that we can pray with and pray for, for the strength of God upon them. To renew our minds to live our faith. Not to live like the world lives. Not to live like those people who don't care. And it is not easy because we live in that hostile world. But we ARE the children of God. He has called us to faith. He has purchased us with His blood. And in thanks and praise and obedience for all that He has done we live it in thanks for Him. We put that in our minds every morning. To live for Him. To show our faith. If that is our prayer, the Lord will answer it in accord with His will with abundant blessing. And I guarantee you your daily life will no longer be routine but will be filled with all of those blessings of God being seen to you, open to you. To show you that your faith is truly important. And that God loves us and blesses us. So today, let's renew our mind. Let's change our attitude. Let's just focus on Christ and let's live in faith. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Living in faith, we need to rely on Christ to strengthen us and keep us focused on His truth. Chapter 4 of the Book of Ephesians, verses 17-24, is the Sermon Text for Pastor Dave's message on this Sunday, August 12, 2012.

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