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Me speaking Italian, Chinese, Russian and Ancient Greek

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Hi everyone ! First of all, I'd like to apologize because I don't have a webcam And I know it's more difficult for you to listen to me without seeing me but I can do otherwise, so ... I began learning Italian 2 months ago and before July, I couldn't speak Italian Of course, I knew some words, as "hello", "thank you very much", "bye", etc. So, in July, I started learning Italian, but I didn't do many things, I almost did nothing I watched a few episodes and films, I studied some grammar and I learnt a few words but, at the end of July, I'd studied Italian for only 20 hours As a consequence, at the beggining of August, I decided to I decided to study Italian for 2 hours everyday So I watched a lot of films, of TV series, as Kyle XY, Desperate Housewives, and a lot of films, for example, Agora, The Italian Job, etc... I learn a lot of words thanks to a website called This website is very interesting, in my opinion, because on this site, there are a lot of lists of vocabulary So I learnt a lot of new words, about 1500, thanks to I decided to study a bit grammar, because I think it's important to know how to conjugate verbs in Italian but I only studied a little bit (I meant "un pochino" and not "un tantissimo") I spoke a bit in Italian, of course, but not with the others, since I'm too shy So I talked to myself but I think it's important to speak so, if I can't speak with the others, then I can still talk to myself Let's make the assessment of those 2 months : of course, I don't speak fluently Italian, but I think I can say, We can say, that I'm conversational in Italian and that was my aim, so I'm happy What should I speak about now ? I can't remember ... Oh, yes, of course, my new mission Italian is a language that I really like and thus I'll continue to study Italian from time to time but there is another language I want to learn so, from time to time I'll watch a film in Italian, or I'll read an article in Italian, etc... Well, I thinks that ... that ... that ... you know now how's my Italian after 2 months of study Bye, see you ! Hello everyone ! I've been learning Chinese for 4 years but before summer holidays, I spoke quite badly but my Chinese is right now better than it was before because I studied, I studied everyday Today, I took HSK level 4 and I got 80% right, so I'm happy So ... what's my method ? I watched 2 TV series, one which is called "Fall in Love", and the other "Happiness is like a sunny day" So, I watched an episode everyday When I watch, I write down new words on my notebook, and this way, after I watched, I can learn the words I wrote I use ANKI in order to learn vocabulary because I think ANKI is very helpful As my aim was to pass HSK level 4, I also learnt words from a HSK list (I found this list on the Internet) ANKI is really helpful because with ANKI, I can learn Chinese more efficiently When I watch a TV serie, I understand, but ... huh I often understand, but ... sometimes, I can't understand, so I use Chinese subtitles and French subtitles (French is my native language) During holidays, I also talked to my Chinese friends I used Renren, Renren website, to chat So everyday I got a bit better than the day before I hope my Chinese in the future is going to be better than my actual Chinese so, in my new missi... mission, I'll certainly learn Chinese Well, that's basically my method to learn Chinese Thanks everyone, thanks, bye ! Hi ! I can already speak and understand a bit of Russian But I'm not going to study Russian because I'm going to study Japanese. After Japanese, I'll learn Russian. Bye ! I like the Greek language, and I study it. I think that the results are already numerous. I want to learn the ancient langauge, and I think it's a good thing. I believe that humans are nourished with languages.

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Posted by: surl on Sep 4, 2011

End of my summer mission on

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