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Use Emotions to Help Sellers Properly Set a Price

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[Matthew Ferrara, Learning Network,] Hi, this is Matthew Ferrara with some ideas on properly pricing your listings. One of the areas real estate agents will have to work with their sellers every day is properly pricing their homes in the marketplace. Pricing is a direct effect on our ability to sell the property and satisfy the client. Yet traditionally we help sellers see price from perhaps the wrong angle. Mostly we use a market analysis, or computer report, which shows charts and graphs and tables of the marketplace. For many sellers this is just simply too analytical and even a source of skepticism for some sellers. So we have to help them not only understand the data, but the emotional elements of pricing their home. And a better method for doing this is to literally help sellers see that they're also buyers and see the greater marketplace. To do this you can simply put them in the car and take them to see some of the properties they are competing against as well as some of the properties similar to theirs that have recently sold. By not only showing them what they're up against and what other people have gotten done at different price levels, you'll help them understand the value of having an objective market price. But you'll also give them an opportunity to emotionally experience the competition and feel what other buyers may feel when they see their house, along with the competition, on the very same day. With some ideas to help your sellers to make better pricing decisions, I'm Matthew Ferrara. [Matthew Ferrara, Learning Network] [For hundreds of videos plus live interactive TV broadcasts, visit our website]

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Posted by: coldwell on Sep 14, 2011

Matthew Ferrara offers different ways to use emotions to help sellers reach a market-driven pricing decision.

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