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The Human Hands are a Powerful Tool. Sadhguru

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These human hands can do many things. apart from eating, and doing physical work, they're capable of doing many many things. If you bring your energy system to a certain way, or to a certain level of vibrance, and intensity, then you will know that, hands... are a great instrument. in yoga we say: the ring finger, from here to here you can control the whole universe. It is everything. This is like the mouse for your computer. Here, you can just adjust the system whichever way you want. If you know what to do. Don't go about rubbing this, it won't work like that... If you know what to do with this, this is like the mouse to your computer, you can take it wherever you want. You can just activate your system whichever way you want, just by handling the ring finger. So, hands are capable of doing many things. Apart from eating and doing physical work, there is a whole science attached to it. It would be too... it would be too much to explore, in a situation like this. Now, just turning your hands around you're just changing the way you breathe. this is not just about your breath, the very way the fundamental energies function this, and this. It's very different. Just-- this, and this. It's very different. Hands, are an instrument like this. How many times in a day unconsciously.. are you doing this? Whoever asks anything from you-- You know in India this means 'No'? You keep on doing this, and you hope to be peaceful and joyful? Life doesn't work like that. If you do this-- you'll set your energies into a turmoil! "Peace, peace, peace.." it won't happen. You'll only rest in peace. Really. It won't come. This is like, you got into your car... you don't know what the pedals are, you just kick any one of them any way you feel like it.. according to your music rhythm you know what a jerky driver you will be? Please see your wellbeing has been very jerky, isn't it? Yes? Your wellbeing has been very jerky, isn't it? Your peace, your happiness, your everything is jerky. Just like that, any moment it'll crash, any moment it'll come up. Now.. you can make these hands in such a way, that if you move it here, something will happen in another part of the world. Do you understand? You can make something happen somewhere else-- totally somewhere else. Wherever you want it-- pin pointed. Because, these hands are the instrument-- to everything. This is like the control panel to everthing. So, either you keep this as a small little human being, or you enlarge this into a tremendous possiblilty, whichever way it is, still the control panel is here. If you do the right things with this, you can do miraculous things with life. That will take a lot of... exploration, and.. sadhana involved.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the human hands and their potential when bringing one's energy system to a certain level of vibrance and intensity. (SaO77)

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