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careers in meteorolgy

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Well as a meteorologist, a broadcast meteorologist, one of the best parts of my job I find, is to be telling people, our viewers about the weather. As most of us do when we hear the job title "Meteorologist" We think about the person on TV. Each day giving them the forecast telling them where there are going to be threats for bad weather, hot conditions, dangerous storms too. For broadcast meteorologists like Steve Princevolli the duties of a meteorologist are more than just being on camera. Getting in looking at some of the forecast data and kinda decide, Okay what kind of graphics -- am I going to put in? Make sure that I enter the data for temperatures get in front of the Chroma Key and tell people hopefully in 2 minutes or less what their day is going to be like. So, what does it take to be a meteorologist? Meteorology and our atmosphere in general is governed by equations in math as well as a lot of principles of science, physics, chemistry, and you even have to know how to run computers pretty well too. It's a lot more math than science, it's learning how to communicate, also just good English skills, grammar skills, pronunciation, so there is a lot more than just standing in front of the camera and giving the forecast. With an education in all of those areas there are more meteorology jobs out there than just the ones on TV. How 'bout working for the government? Meteorologists are needed by the National Inter-Agency Fire Center. Weather plays a huge role in fighting fires. Wind can spread fire very very quickly, And rain can help firefighters put out the flames. Working with baseball teams is also an option. Will there be rain for the game? And if so, will there be thunder and lightning which is certainly a hazard, and how long will it rain? How heavy will it rain? Do they have to put the tarp on the field? You can also work at the airport. Ice storms can be crippling to an airport, if their not prepared with deicer. Weather can also effect your power and utilities. Companies need to know what's headed their way. It helps them make decisions, if a hurricane might be coming ashore, what they might need to do for their customers and just to better prepare. You could even be one of the Hurricane Hunters. Fly an aircraft into the center of a hurricane. Education and research are also large employers of meteorologists. I really really enjoy getting out and talking to the schools, talking to the kids, it's that kind of thing that hopefully will inspire future meteorologists. Well no matter what type of weather job you pick, the education is the same. And starts as early as elementary school.

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careers in meteorolgy

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