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Simetría y Amor

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Hi! Hello Eduard Hello, you are lost, aren't you? Yes, I am. Look, this way Come with me. There is no way to get lost. Let's go by this way Eduard, you say we are a walking cell comunity looking for being loved. I don't feel myself like a comunity of something looking for love. That is because you are a walking cell comunity that are already in love. Think about that we are talking about the begining. And was in the origins, when there was only one cell and that cell was desperate because it didn't have enough energy, it has no enough regeneration capacity of its skin... It haven't got a lot of things that needed to survive. Then it saw another cells that were passing by and it said: "Espiroquette, Espiroquette Why don't you stay with me and help me to go faster? Because you go very fast" At last, you reach a walking cell community, and it is what we are. Fruits of first instinct manifestation of the fusion with another organism. And that is love is... Or... What is love? I don't know, you tell me. That is. It is a instinct of fusion with another organism in order to survive. That is what was love 3.000 millions of years ago and that is what is love now. We are in the 21st. Century and after all that time Love remains being the same? Love remains being a sign of the supervivence instinct. What have changed is the knowledge that we have about love. It is really unbeliable that we have been living thousands of years, millions of years, without knowing what was happening inside. Without knowing what is love. And now we are knowing, digging the biological roots of love. And in the emotional bases of love. We didn't know anything about that. And... what are we discovering now? We are discovering that love, like time or space, have different dimensions. One dimension is diffusion. The sexual dimension. Another dimension could be going into people's knowledge in depth. I want to dig inside you trying to know what is happening inside you. And that is love. The kind of love that you can not separate from desire. Then there is a sign of love that I call "extensive" and it is a sign of a love that goes much further of a person. It covers everything. The universal. Takes the plants Covers the sky. There are people literally in love not of a single person but the world and its affairs. What makes someone fall in love, for example, of me? When you see a face, could be yours. When you see a face where the level of asymmetric fluctuations is less than average... Another way of saying: ¡How pretty you are! ¡How symmetrical you are! Is the level of asymmetric fluctuations We can't mesure the symmetry but we can mesure the fluctuation levels. Man competes and woman chooses. It has been always this way. And the woman chooses in function of: One: What we were saying Asymmetric fluctuations level that she sees in the beloved. Two: Depending on the strength or economic status of the importance of the partner's hability of helping her with the house or raising children. It's basically this what makes her choose. Myths, religions and beliefs Are they still valid in the XXI Century? That's all you had about love. We are tired of the myths, religions and beliefs about love. What was missing was a scientific explanation I doubt this... ...this struggle started between or with part of the scientific thought, versus dogmatic thinking will be interrupted. It's a sweet battle that will continue during centuries. Everything around love is about sex? It's curious but... Love has been always linked to desire. There's no love without sexual desire. There's a Goethe's famous book the writer, called: "The Sorrows of Young Werther" Where he felt in love of Carlota, his friend's wife, believing that a bit of platonic love was enough. At the end he commited suicide because this wasn't working. Sex is a concerning story, that has shown very late in the evolution. Only 700 milion years ago. Life had appeared 3.500 milion years ago. We were eternal. And when we change to the sexual reproduction system a baby is produced and he or she is unique. He or she is unrepeatable And of course, he or she dies. People do not realize what was the cost of the sexual reproduction system. Can we talk about love without sex? There is animal organisms where sex is not differenced. And that means that can exist among the same sex, or without sex, and, however, there is love In the past, we meet us through the appearance and that was enough. Now we iniciate virtual relations. Love has changed? Environment has changed, I seriously doubt that the essence of this had changed. But, certainly, a fundamental change has been produced by what we called "the code of the dead" There were some rituals that have been governed by the relationship. First, one person goes out with the another one. Usually, she were acompanied by her mother. After that, an appointment to have dinner 10 days ago was agreed, then another appointment, in 3 months time. There is no doubt that today we know how to take better advantage of the circumstance of the genetic variety that surround us. The genetic mix is so huge, that in this place it will not be hard for me meeting my other better half. She's here. Is love related with death? Love... Love is for ever. What is related with death is the new reproduction system that we have adopted. Humanity spent thir life thinking about if there were life after death. And they forget it. They were right to forget because life expectancy was very short. They were 30 years and there were no time for anything Is now that, for the first time, humanity have future, and, then, they have 40 years of redundant extended life So I am always amazed by a graffiti in New York from the 1960's from a visionary. I don't know who. And it said: 10:47 "Is there a life before death?" "Is there a life before death?" [repeats in spanish] Is the only thing that matters if there is a life before death. Look. We can sit down here a little. Yes. Well. We have to go. Can I stay a bit more? You can stay "forever". Ok.

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Entrevista a Eduard Punset en el Parc del laberint d'Horta de Barcelona por Gina Tost

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