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I found Kentaro

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Hi Everyone I arrived at Bellflower's Labyrinth Do you remember Renata told me that I have to find Kentaro To learn more.To be able to meet her. You won't believe it, but I think I finally found him. Wish me luck. Well, well. Look who it is. You recognize me? Of course. You’re Renata’s little friend. Too bad she has no use for you anymore She’s seen the light. Or should I say, she’s seen the dark Are you here alone? What, no back up? How brave of you. Well that’s too bad. You should have brought Mihoko. I feel bad for her. She’s so wrong but she’s still family. there’s still time to change her mind before the Olympics. You mean Noriko? She wants to see you. Is she ready to join the Opposition? Maybe. I don't know. But I am. I took the Oath. I've already completed my initiation mission. Is that right? Renata will be so proud. But shame shame You went to all that trouble, but you couldn’t convince “Noriko” to be your initiation partner? No, I did it with Markus. You know, one of the six travelers. Of course Although there certainly was no need for him to complete an initiation mission! What do you mean? Well, he’s been with the Opposition all along of course. Hasn’t he remembered that yet? Why do you think The Opposition made him walk all those personal labyrinths in Dubai? We had to jog his memory, he wasn’t remembering fast enough. What?! What do you mean? Maybe I’ve said too much Are you really working with Markus? Or is this a trick? Well, it doesn’t matter Your team is so far behind, so clueless. You’ll never complete your mission. And meanwhile James will draw you all closer and closer to the Opposition. Tell Mihoko her little brother says hello, and to stay blind.

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Posted by: larissag2005 on Jun 29, 2008

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