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Tesel - Fears Inside me lead to Confusion

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Desteni Presents: Tenel Hello, my name is Tenel and I am here to share my experience of me with you and- where shall I start where shall I begin? what shall I share it has been- quite an interesting process for me in and through out, since processes started quite awhile back I have been with the interdimensional existence- through out it all and it is quite interesting because even now still I find- like fears inside me and I have noticed that most of the fears that I experienced inside me while assisting myself and supporting me within this process is specifically regards to that which I did not understand yet that which I have not experienced yet that which I did not know that which confuses me but it's interesting because I now have a look at it again and I notice but the fear can only exist if I already have- if I only fears can only exist if I have a certain idea about myself if I formed myself and shaped myself into a certain manner to only remain in a certain specific space, in which I experienced myself within that- I seclude myself into my world my perception of me my experience of me my idea of me and I do not take into consideration anything beyond that, meaning anything beyond what I have anything beyond how I have formed myself shaped myself to be according to what I experienced in the past so according to what I endure in the past according to what I have realized in the past and- within that within this process there is no room for fear there is no room for- uncertainty because even uncertainty originates from fear because fear can really only exist if you already have a- already manifested form formed and shaped idea or perception of you based on what you have already experienced in the past to which you've defined who you are and because- I realized that I fear a lot you know, like a lot of that I fear a lot- and fear is so silly in that fear I hold myself back and in holding myself back I did not allow me to expand I do not allow me to transcend and I did not allow me to move so the only the only reason why self-movement does not exist is because of fear and your movement is then based on a physical outward projection, which is the perception of movement but it is not self-movement is when you are able to move you and- in and as a moment as what is here for you by you as you and you are not controlled or influenced by what exist within the moment in anyway whatsoever, because you are free you are free to express you, you are free to move you because there is no fear and because there is no fear there is no idea or perception of yourself there is nothing holding you back because you are not existing in the past based on what you have experienced before based on what you have realized before it's I move just I move- I move and in that common sense exists in that self-honesty exists self-movement, because you are not waiting for something then there is no concerns or worries or anything because you trust yourself I have just realized this now as I am speaking (smile) seeing- so has been feared not accept and allow fear to exist because of my designed formation and- my designed form and shape within which I exist as a perception idea of myself based on the past, just dropping the past I am here, and I move no limits no boundaries movement thank you very much CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 8, 2010


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