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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Ubuntu: Part 3

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Global Oneness Project Ubuntu: Part 3 I really do believe that we all have it in all of us. Of course as I said over the years some individuals because they have become more modernized Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge Cape Town, South Africa. Former South African Deputy Miniter of Health have forgotten this concept. I just want to give an example which is related to what I was talking about earlier. If, for example, a particular developed country spends it's scientific knowledge in developing arms and those arms get sold to poor countries what actually happens is that the resources that that country, the poor country has are diverted from giving people the basics of life like access to health, access to housing access to education and that money is used for a destructive purpose. A lot of the conflicts, for example, that we have on our continent are conflicts that are fueled by the proliferation of small arms. We don't manufacture them here they are manufactured in the developed world and you then have a situation where something that is benefiting people in the north is actually killing people in the south. So we need that awareness and it is possible to remind one another of this value which, as I said, is something that all of us have shared either in the past or in the recent situation. If I look at our own country if the world had looked away we may not have achieved the peace and the freedom that we now have in our country. If the world did not unite to condemn apartheid we would not have been able, I don't think to have achieved our freedom as quickly as we have done. But it was when the world united and declared apartheid a sin against humanity that I think we were able to achieve the freedom that we have. So certainly there are a whole lot of conflicts all over the world a whole lot of problems problems of disease and illness and it is possible, working together to fight these problems together with the people of that country of those countries because we also believe that in our own country what was important was that the people of South Africa the majority of the people of South Africa had taken a position that we were going to unite. We formed a mass democratic movement against apartheid which involved both black and white and we then had the support of the international community. So what I'm saying here is that I'm not calling for a situation where you march into another country and say you are going to impose democracy you are going to impose your values on this country. It is important to work with the citizens of that country and to take up a cause which citizens and individuals in that country have raised and said we have a problem here, we are going to fight this problem but we need you to support us. In South Africa again I use the issue in terms of international solidarity. There was a point when the world decided to boycott South Africa and of course, when I say boycott I mean in terms of the goods that were produced in South Africa as well as playing sport with South Africa. They did this with our support. The people who were living here in South Africa we said it is good for you to do this because even though we are suffering now from the boycott We know that in the future this is going to help us change the situation in our country. So that's the kind of cooperation that I'm talking about where you work with the people in that country to bring about the changes that are for the better.

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