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Superstruct Superthreat: Power Struggle

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Welcome to the Global Extinction Awareness System. You are watching Superthreat Number 03: Power Struggle In 2019, we're all caught up in the alternative fuel wars as the world fights over what will take the place of oil. Hardest hit: Oil-exporting nations, coal plants, auto workers, consumers everywhere. GEAS volunteers report from the frontlines of the Power Struggle Superthreat. GEAS volunteer CooperB is commemorating the third anniversary of the defeat of the Madrid Renewable Energy Accord, which would have set international standards for alternative energy technologies. It was three years ago today that the leading BioPEC nations of China, Russia, and Brazil faced off against the wind and solar powers in the U.S. and the EU to throw the world into an energy stalemate. CooperB writes: "We could have chosen to work together. Instead, we've got competing industries building technologies, products and infra-structures that just aren't compatible. And today we're paying the price." How can our competing industries and nations work together to break the grip of energy chaos? GEAS volunteer CarlaAcosta updates us on the looting in Caracas. Several thousand youth have been wreaking havoc in the streets of the Venezuelan capital all week, after they were turned out of the government's oil-revenue-funded "safe harbor" schools. The school closings represent an abrupt discontinuation of a major social experiment in poverty alleviation. Meanwhile, child poverty continues to climb in the disrupted oil economies of Ecuador, Nigeria, and Iran. Carla says: “We know we can’t count on oil wealth to feed our poor and fund our schools anymore. So what’s next for the children in countries like ours?” How can we create safe harbor for children around the world without depending on oil revenues? GEAS volunteer JSchiffer reports from Lusaka: This month, the millionth ethanol automobile will roll off the Zambian assembly line. Meanwhile, China, which invested in the Zambian plants, has just rejected Daimler-Tesla’s bid to build agile manufacturing plants for electric vehicles across China.

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Posted by: superstructcreators on Sep 26, 2008

in 2019, we're all caught up in the "alternative fuel" wars as the world fights over what will take the place of oil.

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