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Madrid's 2016 Olympic Bid

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Madrid and Chicago may be the strongest contenders for the 2016 Olympic bid according to José León a representative of the tourist staff office of Spain in downtown Chicago. He describes Madrid, Spain, as a city with a storey structure, cultural centers, high rise buildings and efficient transportation, including a high speed train as shows the list provided by the Tourist Office. This is Madrid third time bidding for the Olympics, this city never hosted the games, so ever Barcelona, Spain, was the host city in 1992. Now Madrid is poised with the compliance plan of what the venue of the 2016 games will declaim,ever if chosen. Madrid currently has nine existing venues structures as these pictures from Madrid 2016 DIs demonstrate. The Casa de Campo center would be used for mountain cycling and the triathlon. Club Campo Villa de Madrid would host the pentathlon and archery. IFEMA exhibitions center has capabilities for tae kwon do, judo, wrestling, weight lifting, fencing, badminton, boxing and table tennis. The Madrid Arena would be for rhythm gymnastics and Palacio de Deportes for handball. The Rosaleda Stadium, the Olympic city of Montjuïc, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Palma de Mallorca Stadium would all be used for soccer. Several of these already exist but require permanent changes. This includes Stadium Romano and Arcángel M. Stadium for soccer, the Zarzuela Racecourse for equestrian events, Manzanares Park Tennis Center, Olympic Aquatic Center for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming, the Olympic Stadium for the ceremonies and athletics and Valencia Regatta Field for sailing. Ten permanent venues will have to be built for BMX cycling, volley ball, field hockey, gymnastics, shooting , tracks cycling, canoeing, basket ball and rowing. The only temporary structures Madrid needs to build will be for beach volley ball and road cycling. Costs of temporary venues constructions projects are being provided by Madrid. In the meantime this city with this ordeal killing experience is in your hands, with a long way back with Azerbaiyán, Chicago,United States of America, Doha, Quatar, Prague, Czech Republic, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Tokio, Japan, to find out in October 2009 who the International Olympic committee will choose to be the host for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympics games.

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Posted by: bontips on May 9, 2009

This video details Madird, Spain's bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was designed by a Chicago university undergrad as part of a class project.
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