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Ricky Gervais: Atheisme hoeft niet beledigend te zijn - CNN

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If you're a believer in God, if you're a Christian as many tens of millions of Americans are could you see use in poking fun at their religion. Not at all. When someone thanks God, I don't get offended. (Laughs) Lots of people thank God every time. They say, "Thank God." I don't get offended. You must be aware that a lot of people in America would potentially find that offensive. What? Because I'm saying I don't believe in God? Yeah. That's kind of mocking them. No, no. I'm not mocking them. Peoples believes aren't my concern at all. And I certainly don't differentiate between religions either. I look at all religions the same. Unlike religious people, I look at all religious people equally. You were religious until about 8 years old, isn't that right? Yeah, I was born a Christian... And what happened to change your mind then? I used to go to Sunday school at that time. I believed in.... You get to realise that when you're a working class kid, I came from a very poor working class background. My dad was a labourer, my mam a housewife. I lived in a poor estate [unclear] like a project. And... So a working class mam, her hope isn't that you become a doctor or a lawyer. Or an international comedian. It is you don't die in a bar room fight. And basically the best way to do that is to take on Christian values which preach, you know, morality. And ... But they haven't got the monopoly on good. This is my point. I'm not a Christian. But I live my life in a good way. And you can say, "Who says what good is?" Well, you know what, I do. I'm good to people because that's the way I want to be treated. And I don't believe I'll be rewarded... in heaven.. But I do believe.... What do you think will happen to you? I'll be rewarded now. But when you die what do you think will happen? People who like me will remember me. But what happens to you? What? My physical body...? It breaks down. The spirit, anything happens to that? I don't believe there is a spirit, I think is a nutshell of all your inputs, your believes... So you think you can't believe in love if you're an atheist? Of course I believe in love, of course I believe in the beauty of nature. I just believe that the Earth was made over 4.5 billion years and not by design in 6 days. And, you know, I wasn't being disrespectful, but I think I've the right to say I'm not believing in God, just like everybody has the right to believe in God. And spiritual is very different to religion. Let's not forget that. Are you a spiritual person, you? Well, not in that sense. But I get a funny feeling when I see a friend or a mountain or an animal. [unclear] joy. My first love is science and nature.

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Posted by: ridelo on Sep 11, 2011

Ricky Gervais deelt ons zijn idee mee over geloven en niet geloven.

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