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Kabbalah 1 class1 basic

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everyone welcome to the power of Kabbalah course today we'll start with the first session out of seven in this course we going to be introduced to the ancient teachings of Kabbalah we are going to learn what is really the purpose of our existence why are we here but the most important thing we going to learn is how to transform our reality we gonna learn that it is in our power to transform our reality by transforming our consciousness we are going to learn practical tools that will help us to open our mind and heart of realizing that I can be the cause of my existence and it's apt to pre to improve my life and we don't have to be in the mercy of lack of good circumstances or other people will do me favors and will make my life better we are the cause of our reality worries Kabbalah Kabbalah it is not a religion ancient teachings that help us to understand the universal spiritual laws of life universal kind of Eliza teaching that help us to understand this secrets in the meaning of life for the purpose of helping us to understand the order that exists in this universe they are perfect laws of cause and effect action and reaction in this world but when we use only a limited part of our five senses our limited perception we don't see order we don't see cause and effect to the help of the teachings of Kabbalah will be able to connect the dots and to see that this purpose meaning in every action every word every energy we inject into life with planting a seed of our own reality the word couple ah comes from the ancient word the neighbor in jeremie to receive helps us to understand objective of what life really is all about we all have a right to receive true and lasting fulfillment the reason we're not because we're not tapping our potential the purpose of the teachings of Kabbalah in the tools of Kabbalah to help us to access that unlimited potential that all of us and to attract true and lasting fulfillment in our life the company's share that as enough people able to get closer to their potential of children lasting fulfillment removing pain and suffering that will affect collectively the world of removing pain and suffering from the entire world and bringing Chu and lasting fulfillment to our planet let's start with a brief history of Kabbalah the teachings of Kabbalah started from the beginning of life actually Adam was the first one that it was revealed to him in a divine way the secrets of life in the meaning of life but a first one that wrote a book about couple I was a broom the patriarch some 4,000 years ago and that beginning the book information it's the entire book was three pages long that contain all the secrets of life but if you will try to understand from this book what life is about and why are we here and tool to transform our relationship our business our inner feelings we will not have a clue how to relate it to life was written in a coded way 3,500 years ago we all heard about regulation in Mount Sinai when moses brought down the torah the couple is explaining the tour is much more than just a book of laws or religion it or is it costs me code to understand life and we did tour of the secrets in the teachings of Kabbalah were giving as well to all the nations in the world but it was giving orally was taught from one person to another not yet in a written form two thousand years ago that's when the main and Complete Book of Kabbalah was given to the people was channel and wrote down by ear of shame or even today we have the entire set of Zohar 23 volumes originally written in Aramaic to rate it is really translated to many languages including English in our time the book of disease or is the main body of knowledge that all ancient catalyst base the teaching of Kabul out the book of the source speaks about how the universe began creation what happened before the Big Bang the teachings of the raw speaks about that there are 10 dimension to our life we connecting usually do very low power of the day mention the teachings of this or help us to understand why are we here the secrets of relationship the secrets of astrology the secrets of planting the seed to transform our reality the teachings of the Zora help us to in the sense that is a universal force in this wall it is no god sitting on a throne in pulling the strings and punishing and rewarding resort called that forced Lightforce infinite force of goodness of giving in the Jura teaches us it is up to us to allow the light that force of fulfillment in order to block the light from connecting to our life throughout the entire course we gonna read special passages from the Zohar because the cupola stitches not just the wisdom of Kabbalah lies powerful actually the words itself from this or Darren make shapes as power and energy to help us connect to our true potential and ignite our so recent scientific revelation was already written and resort thousands of years ago if they wanted to explore the planet is not flat is round the source spoke about it two thousand years ago if Sir Isaac Newton spoke about the fact that the white light consists of all the corners of the Spectrum's the source spoke about it thousands of years ago if I'm staying spoke about the terror of relativity the time is variable and it is relative and he's depend what perception we are the source spoke about it thousands of years ago in more and more and more you might be surprised to know that many philosophers many great thinkers like Batangas Isaac Newton shakespeare lightning it's one of the greatest mathematicians the overalls students of Kabbalah they're based much of their philosophies their science the revelation on the ancient teachings of this or in Kabbalah you can go to Trinity College in Cambridge and you can find the old set of design Latin that Isaac Newton was lineage of great couple is see instruction on by you since 2000 years ago that one was revealing and teaching to a small group of people the teachings of Kabbalah in about five hundred years ago great companies name brother Isaac Luria made huge attempt to is writing his wisdom to bring down the couple on more to the people by writing the gates of reincarnation the gates of meditation the gates of tree of life in again continue the lineage of Kabul ah and in the last century ravish leg 19 1922 was the one that really started the Kabbalah Centre he started with the vision that the source spoke about opening the gates of the teachings of Kabbalah to the people to the masses student was robbed run mine any student was the run and Karen Berg which are the present deans of the Kabbalah Centre and the other one that started in 1971 teaching this ancient teachings in bringing down these teachings to the lane and then they wanted open centers all over the world they are the one that gave you and me the gifts of being introduced to these principles in relation to life in relation to improving our life tools to help us to achieve true and lasting fulfillment in our life purpose of this first session is done was to see the doc surely our consciousness control our reality and in this first session will realize that if we use our five senses alone to receive a reality to jump to conclusion to make decision we will not get far it will cause our reality existence our life our relationship to continue be limited and not reaches true potential let's look at the wheel of life let's look at the different compartments we have a knife from here and profession health in a relationship intimate relationship with general relationship personal finance family and spirituality own life you would say yes when it comes to personal relationship from one to 10 media would say I'm for when it comes to personal finance three Korean profession I feel I'm starting to manage asthma still AM seven when it comes to family too so each one of thousands of different ways to gauge happy I'm not so happy i'm satisfied them not satisfied because it's not really about what other people say it's about the level of satisfaction that we are but I'm sure that all of us killing me that in certain areas in the will of life I feel stuck I feel blah I feel limited I feel that as much as I'm trying to push myself as much as I'm trying to push myself to the next level limited I feel block of reparative parents of issues in my relationship as much as a trying to break out of my books in business I feel stuck in limited and I'm trying with the best intentions with different courses to try to change to push harder and in spirituality spirituality some people were receiving does religion are many times am going to church too soon ago meditate pray to myself I'm a good person so you are the only way to gauge your level of satisfaction in that level but actually what we are going to learn that in the same way a tree starting with this seeds and you cannot orange tree if you planted our banana seat or Appleseed you're not gonna have orange tree according to decide that you plan that's what type of a tree you gonna have in the same way exactly it is in life the physical reality which all of us wishing to improve the level of satisfaction in every aspect of our life it is like the tree is the world of symptoms it is the world of results it is the world of manifestation but the seeds its consciousness where my consciousness is I like other believe spirituality is not just one compartment in life the cupola stitches spirituality is the consciousness that I have that will affect every area in my life is the overriding will over all aspects of the will of life the car police explain this seed to a tree is my consciousness through the various aspects of my life as raising my consciousness I will elevate an improved offense areas of life while he's gone just it's starting with my mind will affect my belief system will affect my thoughts my feelings and my reality through the course of couple are we gonna learn actually the different levels of our consciousness and we are going to learn if we want really to shift and great changes in my life if I will feel blocked in my relationship the question the couple is with us is what do I need to change in my consciousness that causes me constantly to attract the same limited partner into my life all the same blockage in my business soon accompanies speaks about the tree of life that reveal 10 levels of consciousness it is the ladder of consciousness that exists within each one of us the lower part is the body consciousness the lower consciousness the reactive consciousness de gaulle consciousness to hire part of soul consciousness elevated consciousness as we learn the tools to transform our consciousness as we learn actually what's causing our life to be stuck in block which is area that may consciously this blog we're able to see actually changes and transformations email on the purpose of the teachings of Kabbalah is to give us tool to transform our consciousness from one to another to another and some of you will ask will after seven classes will be able to transform completely my consciousness my friends it is a lifetime will work to really work and achieving our true and lasting potential as long as we in this world we need to push to the next level next level next level and as we doing so we will see results in now life a tree just don't appears suddenly a seed started the tree our life of blockages of blessings are miracles don't just appear suddenly consciousness sector reality if I want changes in a lasting way not just the temporary wind in the scarce attached to eat this shift has to be internal not external what is the first we would like to learn to take control of our consciousness to start to move away from the bottom of the ladder from the body consciousness in the first subject we gonna learn is the limitation of our five senses when I am basing my decision basing my conclusion facing my assumption of what's right and what's wrong just based on what they see feel and touch according to the external perception I will be misled and I would like to read a verse from the ancient zohar in are amazed with the translation in English just to connect with that first lesson we're gonna find this verse of this or I'm going to read in volume 17 portion melt versus 61 eat liver Shine has a little la renowned obscene amount it has a launch fear Allah mistake Lena tears as she would deliver shackled father she would come in the old there's a dress that is visible to everyone the fools when they see a person dressed beautifully appears today distinguished by his clothing do not observe any further they judge him according to his distinguished operate in consider the dress as the body of men in the body of the person like his talents practically is we cannot trust my emotions they saw my instant feelings we can feel in love and we can be such a really motion and I love the person is feel such a connection to the person to realize later on a concern that person why because later on a real person release so I'll come out such a deep feeling towards that person because somehow that feelings that they had based on external judgments in appearance or certain belief system that I had about someone that will be the best for me and exactly or she exactly so that belief system or expectation which might have been an illusion when we judge things externally in we jump to conclusion based on them we will have illusionary perception and as a result attracting mistakes and cares in our life and that's about every area of life rather have this with certain terminology that will make it easier to understand the concept of the limited in the unlimited way to see reality and the rubber game the limited way to see reality the 1% reality the reality the basin seeing live to the five senses the reality that we are reacting to things in imposing way things are bad and angry and upset I'm hurt I'm worried things are good I'm so excited that 1% reality is reality that the physical circumstances affecting my mind affecting my feelings rule by them and I believe in them so much in things at the pier bed right away bad things appear great it's great but this is not a reality which we all have the ability to access golden 99% reality the 99% reality is the reality that AC life without the filters without the curtains of hours ago our limitations fears of our five senses and I able to see that everything has a purpose that everything is the reason that everything actually it is for the good how the dots connected when I'm connecting to the 99% reality I'm starting to realize actually that every thought every action every word I am planting a seed for my own reality and it's all connected when I'm connecting to the 99% reality I realized things don't happen suddenly I am the cause of my reality there's no such a thing bad misfortune everything has its purpose its goal to help me to grow to help interests and that's the fight all of us have within us when we in the bottom of the ladder of consciousness when we ruled by the body consciousness we jump to conclusion based on the one person reality it's good it's bad things appear even a good day tourism people were nice people gave me a lot of things in business grade I'm happy I'm contend when things a little challenging shut down I'm fearful I'm said leave me alone right now I'm worried I'm uncertainty percent reality but when we collected the 99% reality we're able to see actually the blessings in my life in spite of how things look like sometimes in spite of all great someone look situation law I realize my gut feeling tells me actually it is not the best business deal for me actually I feel something is wrong with this relationship will have people it's look amazing on a picture it looks amazing but something deeper is missing very often we can connect to the 99% reality to the big picture charm tuition 20 gotta feeling but most of the time unfortunately we see life through the 1% in as a result we are trucked limited reality because the one person reality Conexus to the bottom of the consciousness to the body consciousness which is a result will attract low reality in our life when I in a dark moment in a fearful moment in a painful moment in emotional aching moment with somebody will come to me and we'll offer something that exactly will relieve aspect of my pain will jump to conclusion personal of the person I'll bring the person into my life or someone is exactly contagion me and show me something that they need a life because I'm not in the right mindset I would jump to conclusion is the wrong person in my life even the basics that's when something appear painful when I have challenged work when a challenge because somebody just attacked mean judge me for something which had preceded this bed and I'm running away from even dealing with that situation because in my mind is he my mind it's bad in my 1% mind it spared but imagine you will be able to see the blessing the bigger picture behind that challenge the couple is explained actually something that the pier as the biggest challenge as with the biggest blessings if you take the known picture of the Vedas look at this image of the phase it is the basis it is a very nice but if you try to shift your perception of you realize actually it's two faces looking at each other is it a phase two phases when i search for the two phases I see their faces when i search for the visa see the face the same thing is life when I choose to see the chaos in something when I choose to decide these challenges bed for me because of that 1% perception he cares for me I will keep attracting painful me if I choose to blame someone and define what's wrong with them I will find what's wrong with them and all of all picture and all movie that my ego will paint in my mind that they're the cause of my misery but if I choose to connect to see the blessing in the situation to see them I can learn from the evite used to connect to that perception which is more than 99 perception the bigger picture I'm gonna growth will meet and only blessings will come out of when I am jumping to conclusion based on the 1% the body consciousness the lower part of seeing reality I will blame I will be a victim and we'll see what's wrong with the other person I will Russian jump to conclusion I will not see the big picture when things will be great I would say did it when things are bad I will always blame someone else we have to understand even things appearing painfull do you have a choice to connect to the bigger picture it doesn't have to be painful even though feeling feels real the design major knee problems that he can spend more than half an hour when is next to the table in Vegas suddenly can stand straight for 10 hours outcome its relative to what I'm doing its relative to my or my mind these are you going to the gene and the pain is real somehow you keep going and you keep training and you keep pushing yourself because somehow you know maybe the pier very painful but its temporary will push through it good things will happen and then next day it's not as painful we have so much power to what we feel and what we see in what we touch the founder of the Kabbalah Centre Ave Ashland 1922 wrote in his book wisdom of truth amazing rule of nature you and me coming from out of space and we never observed people animals and we see a baby being born and we see a calf being born it was either baby cannot take care of himself hopeless senseless cannot move doesn't have any instinct to stay away from fire actually it's the only creature human being that we do not have natural instinct to stay away from fire any type of dangers of the will be burn will not do it again which next little baby calf just was born a few minutes already walking can see those the stairway from a fire for Mac leaf it you never see was so these creatures before or do you think is more evolved develop an intelligent creature the baby or the CAF obviously the cap because that's what I see the one person perception is seen teens now in jumping to conclusion based on what I see now in feeling now that's what I see that's when I feel but actually what does nature teaches major teaches us that more mature more involved more developed the creature that animal at the beginning of its process in birth will be less mature less involved less evolved less intelligent the end in vice versa the least mature evolved intelligent developed creature human bean will be the most the end baby and I care about when I'm jumping to conclusion based on when I see now how something appear bed something appeal not devote I don't see the big picture don't jump to conclusion this is a bigger picture this is the final destination of that creature is a developing intelligent you being I cannot jump to conclusion based on eyewitness and that's what a 1% don't let me see the big picture the ability to pieces into the big picture starts with the ability to pause when I see something when I feel something amazing great horribly bad but it's not yet the big picture don't ignore that feeling but it's only one percent if you want to jump to conclusion based on that you connect to your body consciousness which will attract the lowest reality in kerosene to our life and that's about the great business news comes to your in front of you with no risk at all amazing great connection that you have with someone in dating with a friend would advise with a quick fix about something one of saying it's not a blessing maybe this is a blessing it's not necessarily the big picture it's a small picture in order to start to develop sense of seeing the bigger reality than 99% I need actually cause and to ask the universe I saw limited force of the universe allow me to see the bigger picture let my intuition connects to something bigger than this but by Amy reportedly reacting that's what we are weary acting reacting his body consciousness because there's no choice it's impulsive its reporting and reacting with excitement I'm reacting with senators I'm reacting with anger I'm reacting with blame and its opening doors they did day we wake up in the morning with bad mood made their I don't see great meetings coming my way the couple is saying if you wake up with action he bad feelings and bad moon if you wanna transformative not believe it you probably gonna have the best day of your life as we have a choice we don't have to let out things fields and Luke become our reality our consciousness is a reality they want to be stuck into the 1% consciousness are the 99% consciousness we connected the 1% consciousness was so surprised when negative things are happening as in a in a unexplainable way when unfair things happened to us we'll miss fortune comes into our life things up and suddenly as we mentioned before just happens only when I leave a one-person light and it's all about the external judgment and it's all about me me me and receive receive receive in life is not fair towards me in the previous to the type of energy and injecting into the life and type of consciousness even like yet things will happen suddenly something good something bad for every reality every tree for every reality there's a consciousness this action this intention that starting it is my intention about the business deal for example it's all about 1 I'm gonna get from heat and receive from me and I'll mazing is gonna be sure you the type of scene that you planted is 1% seed that will manifest itself has no much success may be success temporarily but then some cares will be involved in it it will be great if we take the time now to reflect and internalized with we just learned and I would like to ask your question is look at your life look back of your life at times when things appeared amazing and grades and you're so excited about it and he turned to be a negative things in your life and look in your life when things appear negative at the time and it brought sadness into you and fears and worried and later on he turned to be a huge things in your life this is an examples be judging reality based on the 1% alone you miscalculated you misjudge the reality so take responsibility doesn't have to be a big things which can be a big or small things about the business partner about a business situation about relationship divorce about disease so please go ahead just reminding me that recently a friend from long-term that was working for a bank as investment banker after year the great job nice apartment London great salary get a notice that he just lost his job in two weeks you're no longer will have the great job that paid you in allowing you to pay the bills and allows you to support your family so beautifully initially in a 1% very reactive sequence ended he called his Kabbalah teacher and his top one second it appeared this way one person I'm not gonna give in to it I'm not gonna let myself be so reactive in BB so bad for me even though it's my nature to be scared to be stressed out to other things I agree 'cause don't react it's only the one percent believe it or not days later he got an offer to work for age four and six months later he been a partner in the hedge fund and since then which is two years very successful it transformed his life to the next level later on he saw actually was not happy working for the bank anyways to secured anything manifest is potential in his true creative side to the opportunity for him to go to the next level if he would stack into perceiving the darks losing the job was such a horrible thing for any with standard victims date you would block the blessings to come his way sometimes the biggest blessings comes in the moment we don't see at all with the blessing come from you have to remember I cannot trust my senses I do not see the big picture I do not see the BB German physically scientists telling us the 99.999% of physical memory solution it's empty space it looks physical the movement of the elec- trons causing an illusion of the physical reality the truth is there's no physical solid team is actually space empty space so we believe so much our senses we see electromagnetic waves in spite of the fact we don't see them we cannot live without them we don't function without them so only what I see is real and only when I feel it's real small picture of our reality problem he's part of a 1% brain smarts logical rational and even though theoretically would believe that we are limited with all five senses but very often the logical rational mind will tell me but I'm right but I see the picture right you know something I can be bringing I can have two hundred and ten IQ and I can still make the same repetitive mistake with a relationship 7 bed relationship in similar type of bad ones and my brain the NL me because I can be the smartest of the game but I still in the one percent because limitation its not bring limitation is metaphysical curtains that don't let us see really what's going on don't let the CRM causing to attract the same negative person into my life I we go make a so much enjoy yourself and as a result actually we don't read people we don't feel people being smart to bring brilliant that's part of our 1% system 1% reality the body consciousness which is about I'm right in the moment I'm right and I'm alright the new arguments will fighting because we saw sure that we arrive why because I feel it and I see and I hear it and it's mine and it's all real service policies serve you that you fighting to prove to the Arab person that you're right now in that moment he feels energizing does it really serve you obviously the answer is not the same time we all have an option we all have ability to access the 99 percent were all the unlimited blessings are really coming from which are not far out there in the cosmos actually within each one of us take for example more serbs you would say that always musical compositions came to ride hours and hours you heard it glenn's and only then you wrote down the music is so he felt he connected to that reality the bigger picture it's ready they're beyond logic beyond rational and only then he brought it down into the 1% into writing the notes Einstein guide's Nobel Prize for what we imagine Asian what his imagination seen the bigger picture in spite of the brain to remember this table of elements chemistry Mendeleev is a Russian scientist it came up with a deal I got it yet a dream and he's holding down a table of elements and dan is a smart scientists he brought it down to the 1% a dream how is it possible what does it mean 99% the bigger picture beyond our rational mind even those science this I'm sure many of you had dreams or heard about people did a dream that King Dru how was it possible that I'm dreaming about something that only three days will happen in the future is the future isn't it in the 1% the future is unknown if I'm connecting to the 99% the future is already in the present and we all of ability to access that 99% but as long as a rule by my body consciousness my lower reactive gorgeous as the jump to conclusion based on what I see in what I feel and convince me and others that I'm right even when I'm so insecure Atkins the most of them like myself I don't see I'm not smart enough to Georgia 1% I believe it I believe that limitation and because I believe this limitation will attract limitation into my life you're living bility to access the 99 percent each one of fast is brilliant and connected in certain areas in our life to the 99 percent think about it in your life some of us into tea with kids some of them is proposing to deal with solving a problem some of us are naturally music natural in sport natural in communicating with crowds of people naturally listening in allowing people to open up to us we all have a natural talent and I wanted to write down to yourself in what area in your life you naturally connected the 99% you naturally intuitive in spite of logic in spite of brain in spite of taking just comes to you please write it down for you so so as we saw areas in our life we are touch we see the bigger picture but it's limited areas in most of the areas and specially the areas I would like to improve my life I'm stuck into the one percent in the first lessons that we learned today to raise my consciousness tourism a soul consciousness is to start to break out of my 1 percent to start to question when I feel when I see when I reacted the immediate situation is it the bigger picture fact that I'm asking that question i beginning to raise my consciousness and prayer meeting my reality to improve I'm literally shifting my reality the beginning that in life compartments of life the wheel of life that we describe those areas I'm good there's areas and block those areas I'm limited these areas are more satisfied I am not satisfied the root cause to improve the level of satisfaction in true and lasting fulfillment in every aspect of my life and consciousness and we starting to learn what does it mean consciousness when I'm listening to my body consciousness to the reactive consciousness to the jumping to conclusion consciousness to I am right in your room consciousness to this suddenly consciousness things up and we no reason you are the full you are the cause of my misery consciousness that will attract negative realities in my life it might appear for second good I might differ in significant nation and its feels good for a second but in a long term it will not improve but I am learning to step outside of that limited consciousness and raising tourism a sole concern isms gradually we gonna learn more and more too low to do so I will see shifts in my life and for the first lesson before you move to the next lesson before we just react I want to learn what's the next lesson I would like you to spend some time in observe and tried to apply in your life the idea that every time you face a situation that major reacting in a negative way or in a positive way say polls tell yourself cause it's only the one percent helped me to see the bigger picture I want to connect my soul consciousness just start their start to polls the reporting buttons of our life to permit shift of awareness shift of perception and as a result shift of reality next class will be introduced to the source and see the creation how did it all began will understand what really God is about what is that infinite energy of goodness is about and will raise the big question is there is force of goodness in this world outcome this suffering in pain while we really hear why there's even an option to be stuck into the 1% why we need to go to a struggle next session address really the tyranny of what life is all about based on the ancient companies thank you very much

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Kabbalah 1 class1 basic

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