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Some French

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS Some French, "more French" than others - confession of Chantale Jouanno Member of the UDI (Union of Democrats and Independents), Chantale Jouanno is a collaborator of Nicolas Sarkozy. Therefore, a Republican. Reacting to Nadine Morano words, she said: "It is surreal, these are words that are from another time. France is also Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana. The people.... I have also defended the Harkis, but the Harkis are more French than many French. They are more French, they have defended all the values of France, they have risked there lives for France. Mrs Jouanno reminds, therefore, that all citizens are not equal. There are some Frenches who are more French than others. And why? Because, they have served the values of France better than others. Understand, the French Republic values, because for these people, France is the Republic. For Mrs Jouanno defending Republican values is a prerequisite for full access to French citizenship. One can easily imagine the scandal if Marine Le Pen was saying: "the immigrants who arrived after 1945 are less French than all these strain families whose names are on the memorials." I am convinced that Mrs Jouanno would be the first one to go into a trance, because these individuals are hardly sensitive to logic. But never mind that, because there is something more important. Chantale Jouanno reminds us of it: the French citizenship is not a block. It's not: you are either a citizen or you are not. No. The French citizenship is proportional to an ideological adherence. The more you defend the Republic's values, the more French you are, with all the rights that entails. For that matter, the National Socialist that I am is no longer French. Yes! And this is what is happening. Although, I am neither a criminal, nor a terrorist, for people like me, there is no free speech, no right to work, no right to live in peace. All these rights reserved to the French citizens. It was confirmed in 2015: within a few months, I had lost two jobs and have been jailed twice. Let's say it right now: because of my claimed ideological convictions, I am no longer French, which has lead me also to go into exile, to speak another language and to live in a different culture. But, there is something even more serious. During the large anti-Le Pen demonstrations, after April 21, 2002, I was surprised to see these kinds of slogans... "Sore France"; "A clean France, without fascists". Same slogans were found on the front page of the newspaper l'Humanité, which, following April 21, had headlined: "France doesn't deserve this!" However, the Front National President had access democratically to the second round of the presidential elections, but, in a democratic election, it is the people and in this case the French people, who decides. If, therefore, one estimated that France "didn't deserve this", one must come to the conclusion that the voters of JM Le Pen were not French, but foreigners who had forced upon on France an undeserved candidate. "The fascists are not French". A few days ago, Mrs Jouanno implicitly reminded it: to be French, one must defend the Republic values. But, then, what will happen if one day, a fascist had a chance to come to power through the ballot box? Knowing that, democracy means when the French people vote, the arrival to power of this fascist would be declared as non democratic, since he would not be elected by the French people. Let's bet then, that our good Republicans would declare a state of emergency to save the democracy. And if necessary, they will call the UN to their rescue in order to avoid the return of the horror, a civil war and yada, yada. Hence, the perfect uselessness of the democratic struggle, because our Republicans have secured everything. So we are left with waiting for a providential crises which will cause the fall of this Republic. But, imagine that tomorrow, another regime is established in France, a fascist regime or a monarchy of Divine right or any theocracy which promotes any other values than those of the Republic. This regime will be able to rely on your words Mrs Jouanno, to deprive all the Republicans of their French nationality. If this day comes, do not shout to intolerance, injustice or dictatorship! Because, your Republic did the same. Meanwhile, Madame, stop giving lessons of equality, because your Republic can not give it to anyone. Good evening. You like our videos. Please help us to continue. Give for the cause:

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Duration: 5 minutes and 38 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: Andorra
Language: English
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Producer: Vincent Reynouard
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Posted by: didi18 on Oct 6, 2015

Reacting to what Nadine Morano said, Chantale Jouanno, an allied of Nicolas Sarkozy, said that the Harkis were "more French than many French", because they have defended "all the values of France". I analyze her words and I link them to the slogans saw in the anti-Le Pen demonstrations of April-May 2002. It is undeniable, far from being egalitarian, the Republic links citizenship to the ideological adherence to its "values". I draw from it the consequences personally and politically showing that the democratic struggle is vain, since the Republicans have locked everything. Only a crisis could change things. And if, tomorrow, a non Republican regime is established, he will be able to rely on Chantale Jouanno's words, to dismiss all Republicans of French nationality...

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