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Popeye and the 3 Child Slaves

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PewProductions Popeye and the 3 Child Slaves "Come on my minions, I have work for you." "No time for looking at dumb artwork, I paid for your labor!" shouted Popeye. "Where'd they go!?" "Quick! If we row fast enough we can escape this sweatshop and mean Lord Popeye!" said the minions. "Gotcha!!" "You'll never escape me," said the wretched Popeye. "You need to work as hard as Noah," said Popeye, "and we would have this work done in no time." "Let the inspiration of Noah run through your body! Feel the power of his work ethics!" "Is it raining in here?" asked Popeye. "Here old man, don't wanna get you all wet," said the first little minion. "Stop this nonsense! You will have to pay for the water damage with work!" cried Popeye. "And here is Sinbad, the greatest sailor in the world," said Popeye. "I want this statue exactly the same as the original. Fail me and I will ship you back to Africa in a heartbeat!" warned Popeye. "I think Popeye loves Sinbad," giggled the first two minions. "He totally does!" said the third minion. "I do not!" cried Popeye, "He is just a very important person in my life. Tell anyone about this and I'll knock you off your block!" "Sure you don't," laughed the slaves. "Tell us a story about him." "Alright, in a vast sea far from here, Sinbad was sailing his fleet..." "No one dared enter the evil Isle of Sinbad!" "WHO DARE ENTERS!" "I do! Watch out im crazy!" All the animals gathered around to watch the battle go down... The battle stadium was set, and Sinbad made his move. "Imma squeeze you till you die!" Popeye's face began to go red, and he turned into a beet for a split second. Popeye laid a powerful veggie kiss to the evil Sinbad, and the tyrant weakened. But only for a split second, then he threw the small body of Popeye into a large tree. As Sinbad walked up to the tree, Popeye gave him a powerful blow. Sinbad's eye had grown some kind of sick growth from a combination of veggie kiss and tree punch. Sinbad pulled Popeye out of the tree, and roundhoused him across the battlefield. Sinbad made Popeye's life hell by destroying him with hands of fury! Popeye reached into his pocket and pulled out a can of spinach! But Sinbad punched the can out of Popeye's hand... "How come you want us to build a statue of Sinbad if you hate him so much?" "I have respect for my enemies young ones, let me finish the story." The spinach can kept rolling all the way to a giant cliff. "Gotcha!" yelled Popeye, just as he grabbed his healthy can of drugs. Sinbad dealt him a nasty kick to the rear end and sent him across the ravine. "I'll never let go! i must get that spinach." Hanging by only his pipe, Popeye opened the can and plunged into its green darkness. He then swallowed the spinach, and he began to feel the effects. His muscles grew into workshops, and he suddenly became superhero strong! Popeye then dealt Sinbad a nasty blow of furious kicks! Popeye quickly ran after his opponent. Sinbad threw a rock, but his plan backfired. Sinbad kept trying to fight back, but he was no match against the power of Popeye and his vegetables! Popeye's beautiful girlfriend was cheering him on. Popeye slowly cranked his arm up... And hit him with a powerful spinning arm punch! Popeye was brutally beating up Sinbad. He thought of a way to make Sinbad pay, and put the plan into action. Popeye hung Sinbad by his pants to a flag of spinach! All the people cheered and praised Popeye! "And thats why I'm the greatest sailor in the world!" "Where'd they go?!" "Yo boys lets tear this junk down!" The boys climbed to the top of the gigantic statue. And started chiseling the statue down They recreated the statue of Sinbad into their owner and newly found hero. "Yes! I have now tricked these slaves into believing I'm a hero! They are now mine forever! hahahaha! THE END

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Posted by: pewpydan on Nov 4, 2009

Popeye and his minions go to the museum for forced labor

i got this story from

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