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Cómo viven los pobres en Suecia

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Due to a strong social policy, many of Swedish citizens can survive without working, but according to specialists, this slight welfare makes them stop growing as persons The next report explains why the strong support from the state can result in a two-faced coin. Vionis lives in one of the countries with the best social welfare systems, and he has not had a house in 20 years He wakes up on noon in his asylum to eat the daily free lunch in the heart of Stockholm. "Here one can meet nice people, eat rich food, Stockholm is a nice place." Then he goes shopping with generous donations from the state, he has never worked, and he sais that is what he chose. It is difficult to call it an election, but it may be chosen as an option they see. Sweden counts on over 900 charitable organizations to take care of around 20,000 people without a home. In the practice it is almost as if there were as many carers as people without a roof under its care even so, they reject the idea of the homeless' being happy that way. "Come back in 20 years, talk to this person and you will see him as someone truly devasted." Swedish government links the existence of the called "homeless" to drugs, alcohol, and mental disorders. It has been planned to wholy delete this probleme. "Our job is to find accommodations for each of the homeless, however, the number of those who voluntarily stay on the streets doesn't do anything but growing. It is possible that people, as you saw, are really well thanks to welfare; those who want a job, work and those who don't, live from contributers. Elena Shemkova

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Ayuda del gobierno para las personas de escasos recursos

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