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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening Theme Music ♪] Hello and good Thursday, April 24, 2008. I'm Joanne and this is Rocketboom. The Greeks have entered Troy today, after hiding inside a big wooden statue of a horse. Can you imagine, back in the day, being like, "I know! We'll build a big statue of a horse and hide inside it to get in!" I mean, it's amazing that guy got buy-in on that! Odysseus was his name, grandson to Arceseus, son of Cephalus and grandson of Aeolus and Autillisus. Son of Hermes and Koine, daughter of Daedaleon, who was the son of Desperos and brother of Sikhs, the son of Ospherus and the king of Thessaly on the 13 perepheries of Greece, one of 4 prefectures. Moral of the story: don't be swayed by treats. Speaking of which... NASA awards new lunch services contract to Space X. (Hmm... I wonder why that's so interesting?) LAUNCH services contract. Short circuit! Possibly also the cause of Russia's loss of communication with the Soyuz capsule on return from the ISS this week. While having lost communication for a full hour of descent, the flight crew were forced into an emergency trajectory back to Earth, weighing in with an extra 10 times the forces of G's. That would feel kind of like this. [sound of an electric fan] But a little bit more intense. Anyway, lots to investigate. Abercrombie and Fitch. Or shall I say, Obama-crombie and Fitch-gate? To the dismay of Digg, Reddit and Huffington Post, as Hillary Clinton remains, so do the tactics of the Greeks I spoke about before. It first seemed like an innocent trio of college fraternity Greeks behind Obama, but was it? [So is Abercrombie and Fitch an official sponsor of the Obama campaign? - Steven Miller] Bloggers and Twitterers galore [Laughing at the blatent Abercrombie and Fitch placement behind Barack last night during his speech.] ... suspected otherwise. [Obama's speech from Indiana is a free as for Abercrombie and Fitch. 3 dudes behind him wearing AandF shirts. -atulnayak] Ok so u just saw a funny. Obama is trying to appeal to the common man and who do u c behind him? 3 frat boys in abercrombie and fitch tees. Let's progress. This is the REEM-B bot, which is a nice representation of where humans are at these days with integrating robots into the home. Bi-pedal, quick-moving, goes up and down stairs. Opens stuff, pours, watches TV. Recognizes you. But when that thing does move, it's got no soul. When will they love? *sigh* New water machine. No, that's not the cube that destroyed Megatron. It's Dean Keaton's latest water converter. Converts anything with water to just the water, no matter how gross. Hmm! I wonder if it can handle an analog to digital conversion? Recycling art with cell phones. [♪ Grand Orchestral Music ♪] Cloned animals for sale soon. [♪ Upbeat Instrumental music ♪] Alice lives on! Alice in Wonderland illustrations other than Tenniel [♪ Driving Beat Music ♪] And finally, for today, tomorrow we will travel by the ecological sounds of glass. And then... [♪ noise ♪] ROFLcon. We'll be there. [♪ The Wedding March ♪] [sounds of cheering]

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Posted by: rocketboom on Apr 24, 2008

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