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[Alert! The Nautical Institute, Lloyds Register, Educational Trust, VIDEOTEL] [Issue 4: Mind, Body and Spirit] [Garbage In, Garbage Out.....] Hello, if you're familiar with computers, [Omar Khan] you may have heard the expression "garbage in, garbage out," meaning that we put inaccurate or invalid data into computer, that's exactly what you get out. So how does that relate to them? Well, that's what we're going to find out in this issue of Alert! [Garbage In, Garabage Out...] So what we're going to be talking about is quality rather than garbage, but quality in, and you'll get quality out. Most shipboard systems depend on some level of human involvement. But the human link can be fragile, and so it needs to managed, monitored, and nurtured. In other words, it needs some quality input. Happy, well-trained, and motivated mariners are essential to the safe running and commercial efficiency of any ship. Breakdowns in communication and teamwork are common factors in many major P&I claims. This has led to developments of maritime bridge or engine room [David Squire, FNI Editor, Alert!] resource management training which focuses on personal attitudes rather than the conventional navigation ship handling or engineering skills. And the aim of this is to foster better behavior where all available resources, such as bridge officers, engineers, pilots, and even shore personnel are brought together so they can work together to ensure the safest possible operation of the ship. [Crew Endurance Management: Extending Beyond Fatigue] Another interesting development is the US Coast Guard's Crew Endurance Management program for improving performance, safety, and morale, while at the same time carrying out job related challenges. It addresses factors, such as sleeping and eating times, efforts to reduce noise for off-watch personnel, and the consideration of individual behaviors, such as diet, exercise, and stress. So there is already a lot being done. People are starting to think seriously about how to reduce health risks. That thinking is going on in a growing number of shipping companies, forward-looking insurers, trade unions, and maritime authorities. And increasingly, the focus is on quality of input and a holistic approach. When you look at seafarer's wellbeing, yes, of course, you need to make sure that medical provisions and procedures onboard match up to international statutory requirements. But it is empowering seafarers, providing them with an education and healthy lifestyle choices that really adds value and makes the significant difference. A holistic approach must consider three fundamental things, mind, body, and spirit. One such approach is shown here, the seven needs of a mariner. In each case, there are suggested drivers and motivators leading to the seven needs, competence, attitude, motivation, happy and healthy lifestyle, safe and secure working environment, self-actualization, and moral values. Without a balanced lifestyle, seafarers become vulnerable, vulnerability translates into inefficiency, and when it comes to life onboard, there is a problem, that concentration on the job in hand as well as general concentration can drop to dangerous levels. Attention to the whole person to mind, body, and spirit enables and empowers the individual to a point where personal behavior and lifestyle are not only healthy for the individual but also reflect in the interaction with the rest of the crew. So healthy, happy, well-trained, and motivated seafarers are essential to the safe running and commercial efficiency of any ship, and that means seafarers who possess the appropriate skills for vigilant, and both physically and mentally fit. That's it for this program. But you'll find more information in the issue itself including opinion and comments from marine professionals worldwide. Just visit the website. Hope we meet again soon. [If you are in any way involved in the design operation or support of ships and their systems,] [you have a role to play.] [All the Alert! bulletins can be downloaded from the Alert! website.]]

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