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Being the Cause V. Being the Effect So, here we are with our Bread of Shame trying to figure out how to get rid of it. This is exactly what we're going to do for this mission. We learned that Bread of Shame is coming from that place that we were in in the Endless World, receiving the Light without making any effort for it. The Light was filling us up, and we were receiving and taking this Light in that created the Bread of Shame. And we understand that for us to remove the Bread of Shame, we have to change from being the effect, meaning the passive receiver, because the Light wanted to share with me, and to transform to be the cause. That's the work, this is how we transform. What does it look like to be the effect in my life? Being the effect would be like when I complain, when we argue, when we try to prove a point, or, we're just in our comfort zone. Being the cause could be like coming from a place of love, when we feel compassion towards people. Or when we make an effort to go the extra mile. These are a few examples. We made a list for you with all the different examples of what it looks like to be a cause and what it looks like to be an effect. You can download it and have a look at it, and try to identify those moments in your life that will help you make the changes. To realize when do I need to change from being an effect to being a cause. When we are looking at those things, we can say to ourselves, OK if I'm the effect in my life, and that means I'm receiving, Maybe it's not right to receive. Am not allowed to take? Is this what it's all about? Is taking meaning I'm receiving automatically Bread of Shame and disconnecting from the Light? To answer that question, I would like to share a story with you. The story is about Mr. Fischer Mr. Fischer is a very, very rich man. In fact, he never shared one thing in his life. He was concerned only about himself. One day, he leaves his office and he walks down the street. He's in his own mind and he has different thoughts And he's thinking to himself, I really would like to share for once in my life. I want to feel like how it feels to do something good for someone. He's walking down the street looking for an opportunity to share and he sees a man, lying on the floor, on the ground doing nothing. He decides to go to that man and to share with him. He goes there and he hands the poor man a €100. The poor man looks at him and says, "You know what, I don't want this money from you." Please take it away from me." Mr. Fischer doesn't know what to do. He's asking himself, this guy is maybe a bit weird. I don't know. He decides to take another bill out of his pocket and hand it to the man. He says, "Here, now you have €200" This poor man looks at Mr. Fischer and says, " I don't want €200. "I don't want any money from you at all." "Just take it away from me." Mr. Fischer is really perplexed. He doesn't know what to do anymore. He says, "Listen young guy, I'm rich, you're poor, you probably need that money. Here you are, €300. Please take it." The poor man looks at Mr. Fischer and says, "Listen, I don't need that money I don't want to receive anything from you. Please take it away." At that moment, Mr. Fisher gets red in his face, He's so embarrassed. He doesn't know what to do with himself. When the poor man sees Mr. Fischer struggling, embarrassed, he says "You know what, I see you have struggles if you want, I'm ready to take that money from you." Please hand it to me, I will take it from you. In that story, what we can learn is a perfect example of how we can transform from being an effect to being a cause. Because in that story, the poor man, what he really did was resisting his desire to receive for the self alone. He didn't want to take the money for himself alone. But he was ready to take the money, in order to release Mr. Fisher, a rich man from his pain, from his struggle, from his embarrassment. And that's OK. Mr. Fischer was sharing, but also receiving an opportunity to share from the poor man. This is exactly what we need to look for in our lives. Look for an opportunity. How can you let other people share with you? To share their Light and creative nature with you. Well Don't make a mistake because you cannot fool the system. You cannot just sit there and say, "I just want to take because people want to share." It needs to be real. It needs to be a real understanding that you're resisting your desire to receive for the self alone, and you are ready to help another human being, another person, to share their creative nature. What we can do now is to reflect a little. Let's go back into our lives, into those situations when we felt empowered. We felt accomplished. It can be when you graduated from school or it can be a situation when you received your driver's license for the first time. Or let's say you really fell in love with someone, and you asked them out on a date for the first time, and you received a yes. They agreed to go with you on a date. Maybe when you saved up enough money to buy your first home. Or when you got promoted at work. It doesn't matter. Sit there and think to yourself for a moment What were those situations in your life that you felt you went all the way, you made the effort and you felt the accomplishment. Please describe how it felt for you. How would you describe that feeling? See you on the next mission.

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