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Bernd das Brot - Märchen - Rumpelstilzchen

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And so the miller’s daughter was thrown into the dungeon of the castle and the king called to her: By tomorrow you must have spun all the straw into gold or you are a head shorter! Quite apart from the fact that gold is actually only obtained through mining and prospecting. My arms are too short to use this spindle here! If you believe that I can spin this straw into gold, then you are exceedingly crazy! Ha ha! So. Now that's better for me. But I always still have the problem that I must spin the straw to gold by tomorrow. My life is hell. Hello lovely maid! Hellooooo! I could help you, but in return I would like to have something. Yes, yes. You want my firstborn kid. Exactly, then because today I bake, tomorrow I brew- Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is indeed good, very good. Let's shorten things a bit, so: Your name is Rumpelstiltskin. So. And because I said your name now, you must freak out and scream: That the devil said that to you and drive your one leg into the floor and tear yourself into two halves from your fury. Well? Get going? Eh... In two halves? Yes! Now go! Ah...and how should I do that? Oh... My God. So you take your one leg and the other leg and then you pull on them so your arms are long enough to pull them and then you tear yourself in two halves. In two halves, so easily yes? One leg, the other leg, snap! Briegel in two halves! Yes, please. I don't have eternity. Yes and how should I carry that out please? So now it becomes too stupid for me. You can think of whatever or so. Well, l leave you to come up with something. Anyway, I am in my wardrobe. Bye! One always has to do with laity. Does somebody have... idea?

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Duration: 2 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: None
Producer: Bumm Film
Director: Thomas Krappweis
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Posted by: smaragdweiss on Apr 11, 2012

Dies ist ein kurzer Klip von Bernd das Brot.

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