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Money-It is quite plain / Wie funktioniert Geld?

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Conquering planets is basically easy. You fly over and eat them all, or you subordinate the population and put them into work. However, subjecting and enslaving native inhabitants through violence, contains some disadvantages... Most half-intelligent creatures are lazy. And don't apply good work habits, not even when they are forced to. Also you have to bother with annoying uprisings all the time. You find yourself as a target of all hatred. Furthermore most life forms are underdeveloped, and rarely offer goods and values wherefore it is worth the effort. Especially in present days you should use your resources more efficient. Think about the future. Consider a planet as a store of value. Leth a planet thrive by implementing an economic system, which creates a total dependence on money in no time. Once you made sure that they will need more and more of it, "good-for-nothing life forms" are going to turn into workaholics, who will increase production scale immeasurably. They will be anxious for their own advance so much, that they won't even notice that actually all what happens is to your advance only. Once you have control over the money creation and own a greater part of the money they will lie the world at your feet freely. An inspiring confident look and convincing appearence are the name of the game Use your necktie. Lifeforms halfway belonging to intelligent beings, tend to specialize themselves, corresponding to their requirements. Which forces them to trade goods and services to each other. From the troubles this system carries with itself, you safe them with the implementation of money. Let them sense the benefits of money. It is: a universal criterion. Easy to transport. Durable and therefore enables preserving values. It frees from urgent need. It replaces the direct exchange of goods. The new system simplifies trade, and so it will establish itself fast. Now money is required for everything. Again causing problems. Those who have much, fear to lose it. Those who haven't, want more. But to obtain money, most of the time you need an important foundation... M - O - N - E - Y And you can lend that. It is called Credit. They don't know it yet. But they need the bank. They need someone who stores the money safely and also lends money to those who need credit. It's as simple as that: You just need to pass the money on. Interest is a simple system. Who lends money, gets more in return. Charge a % rate for your efforts They will consider it ok. Involve the others in moderation to make them believe in their own advance, And you recieve money without doing anything for it, without utilizing anything and above all: without risk. However, the best point of Interest is, it makes those lazy creatures work more since those who have to pay interest need more money, those who need more money, need to strain themselfes Concerning this, a small example: On a planet with 10 beings, money in form of leather pieces is implemented. Everyone gets 10 pieces at an interest rate of 10% So, in the end 110 piece have to be payed back, despite the fact only 100 exist. Where does the rest come from? One of them has to lose all his leather pieces just to pay the interest. Since nobody wants to end up without money, all will attempt to earn as much money as possible. But not matter how much the attempt to, in the end, at some places there will still be a lack of money. And where do you get money from? That's what I'm saying! Insterest is your most important weapon. It forces to produce more, to develope more, let's the others selfishly compete against each other and makes you the only earner. The demand of money is constantly increasing and their dependence on your bank grows larger and larger. The interest made them dependent, the compound interest breaks their neck. WHY? The amount on which to pay interest is rising every year on the level of interest. If that amount isn't payed back. So the interest amount also increases every year. And every year the amount of the interest will increase faster and faster. Concerning this, an example: If we had lended someone on the earth 1 cent 2000 years ago, At an interest rate of 5% , which admittedly is a friendly offer, then he (without paying anything back meanwhile) would have owed us already 2 cent after 15 years. After 30 years 4 cent already. But after just 1450 years, a whole earthsphere out of pure gold and today, he would owe us 286 Billion times his home planet out of pure, solid gold The only issue about that is, They don't live that long... Paper money. Start to break lose from real values. For depositing conis on a bank, receipts are turned out, banke notes, which demonstrate a right to the coins in the bank safe. Since a piece of paper hasn't got any material worth in it, the faith in it is very important. Convince them about the paper's worth. From now on they only pay with the right to the gold, which... Lies in your hands. The final form of money is scriptural currency. If money is brought into the bank of a credit is lend, the specific amount is credited onto an account. that credit entry represents the right to the bank notes. In this system, payments of any kind can be handled by transmissions between bank accounts. For example a transfer or credit card repayment. That payment method will establish itself real quick because of the overcome of time and distance factors. Hence, soon no real money changes the owner anymore. The new money is now the scriptural currency. Entirely free of matter, just an information. Since the scriptural currency which actually is just represents a right to money, is so practical and fast, the actual money is rarely used anymore. If it is not fetched anyway, you can turn out the right to it multiple times. For the case that someone wants to take the money back, you simply keep a fraction of it in reserve. About 2% - 10% should be enough. Given that fact: for every note you recieve, you create 10 times as much scriptural currency. Someone recieves a credit entry because he deposited bank notes. That bank notes are taken as foundation to lend credits. Since only a fractional reserve of bank notes is neccessary, the right to it can be given out mutliple times. Through the allocation of credits, here money is created. On which the bank charges interest. That interest raises the demand of more money... Which again originates in a credit with interests on it as well. Here the system starts it's own buisness. Your profit and your power are increasing faster and faster. You take money that doesn't belong to you, whith it you create money that doesn't exist and you collect interest for all of it. Money rules the world, You rule the money. The whole planet belongs to you and nobody noticed... The planet now has developed itself. Now there are plenty of goods and new ones are beeing created in a steady state. Everyday the demand of new money rises and you profit on every cent. The rich are happy and the poor too busy to question the the system. With every new day the financial pressure towards the citizens increases and drives them deeper into dependence. YOU RULE THE MONEY, AND MONEY RULES THE WORLD...

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Duration: 13 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: German
Producer: Max von Bock
Director: Max von Bock
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Jul 10, 2012

How to enslave mankind? Animation film about how the money and banking system operates. It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. -Henry Ford
"10 Punkte Plan/Wie funktioniert Geld?", 2005, Diplomarbeit

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