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The iron lady

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I will never be one of those women who stays silent on the arm of her husband. One's life must matter, Denis. That's why I want to marry you my dear. Mrs. Thatcher, one simply has to make you look and sound like the leader that you could be. No matter how I've tried I know, I'll never be truly one of them. Someone must say the unsayable Methinks the lady doth screech too much! If you want to change this party, lead it! Watch your thoughts or they become words. If you want to change the country, lead it! Watch your words or they become actions. This is it! Steady the Buffs, old girl. Watch your actions or they become your character. Prime Minister. Shoulders back, tummies in. Watch your character for it becomes your destiny. and it is my duty and my.... ...ambition that's got you this time... Ambition! And the rest of us, me, the children, we can all go to hell! The Falkland islands belong to Britain and I want them back. With all due respect, when one has been to war? With all due respect Sir, I have done battle every single day of my life. She heads the most hated government this country has known! If this is the best you can do, I had better do your job as well as everyone elses. Let's be careful not to test once colleagues' loyalty too far. Our party and our country need a new leader. The rules make it possible to depose a sitting Prime Minister. Slowing down now just won't win darling. ...your problem is that you haven't got the courage for this fight. Gentlemen, shall we join the ladies?

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Posted by: maykafdez on Feb 15, 2012


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