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Fruit on a tree - Jost part 3 class 6 - the Rav

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...out on the limb of the tree is where the fruit is it's not where the trunk is (audience) - it's not safe. Rav: That's right. Not as sturdy as standing on the trunk, right? But you'll never get the fruit, if you stand there. The fruit is on the limb of the tree (audience) Tha Rav, there's another way of saying what we're saying that the effect is in the returning light because once we have restriction then comes returning light. So is the effect in restriction, or the effect after restriction, which is really returning light? Rav: The effect is restriction. He's giving you a rule. That is Neetazl (emanation) , that's effect. Nothing before that is really effect. No matter where it takes place. (audience) What about after restriction - is that effect still? That only reveals what was there before is there light in the room before the light? Isn't it Maatzil (Emanator)? After impact it becomes Maatzil? It makes us feel like: "Oh, now things are becoming revealed", right? The circles now are becoming revealed. There's was no light in the room - Now the light appears. And we say here "light was there before, it's an illusion", you don't see the light, therefore the light is not there. But was the light there before i flipped the switch? (audience) But after the switch there's a new stage Rav: What is the new stage? A revealment of what was there So after every restriction there's a revealment of that which was. When the fruit comes out what does it reveal? It reveals the potential fruit that was in the seed. What does it reveal?

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Fruit on a tree - Jost part 3 class 6 - the Rav

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