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Adolf Hitler 11:Afterlife: Understanding the Illuminati

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 11 - Understanding the Illuminati Hi, this is Adolf again. OK, so I'll go more into the Illuminati. I wouldn't... Right! During that time, they referred to themselves as the... as the 'Eliaj'. And they were basically the pinpoint sound of the world and the Earth. So, now in terms of what is referred to as the Illuminati here, in this world, at the moment - and God knows, even referring to them as the "Illuminati" is really... It's like they've become broadcasting center for the world - you know, conspiring about the Illuminati - but it's the most ridiculous thing that exists, really. So, what I understand - one thing I did understand - it's the following: that they've only got limited power, they've only got limited control, really, from the perspective that they use the most limited form that exists in this world to control people, to direct people. Oh, and of course, they have still devices (during that time, they were still developing them), and that's where we are really speaking of finding something that controls human beings as robots. They were looking at the strangest inventions, you know, during that time. They were even trying to do it through inserting... You know, during that time, they already had "microchip" implants designed, developed, testing them. I've seen the underground facilities as well in which they had done it, very primitive during that time of course BUT, in terms of the technology, pretty advanced already. In terms of what you're hearing now only in terms of microchips specifically being implanted into human being's hands, that was already done then, and even before then. So, the "Illuminati" was a group of beings, handful - during my time, there was about 27 of them - it started off at 17, through the year, rose to 27. They... they exist in an interesting establishment. It is... You might be actually surprised that the Illuminati could be merely the people walking just past you during your daily lives - and you won't even notice them. That's where they are: they have the greatest facilities - it's beautiful. Almost castles underneath the Earth, underneath the ground, underneath specific facilities. There, they usually go during a period where they would direct the world to specific cause and purpose. So, in terms of what's going out with Bush: he's caught, he's got no way out. So, in terms of the situation with Bush and where he's going at with Iran and Iraq, the whole "terrorism" thing: the same story, just different scenario, same to the situation that occurred with me for instance. You know, I see the similarities already. But, of course, I stood on my own. The "Illuminati" during that time... I had the ability to... They thought they were in control of me, but actually, it was the other way around, that's why I had the ability to do what I did... so effectively, I believe. But, to the end, it twisted - but I'll get more to that later. In terms of Bush's situation, he's in a "bit of trouble", he can't get out - they've got control over him clearly. They've got power over him, so... he's in a bit of tough situation. I'm surprised he didn't..., I won't go there... So, in terms of how they work specifically is they work through definitely media coverage - but all this is known by everyone already. They work through media coverage... especially schools. Schools is the greatest one. The sentence constructions, the choice of words used, specifically what your children are set to learn are compartmentalized in specific compartments of your mind - which scientists are aware of. Thus, they will only develop in the school system certain compartments and sections of the mind system. Not the ones where you think for yourself for instance, having the ability to understand, be able to be independent, hearing your own voice... you know, become your own being for instance. There are specific sections in the mind that does that and they specifically know where and how it exactly works. So, in the school system, they'd have specific set learned - what you have to learn - and those specific "subjects" and the words, the way it's written - everything - mathematics, sciences - God knows - only trained to... ..."train" at least only 10 % of the human brain - that's all! The other 90 % is left dead. Why? Because it becomes easier to program human beings. What else did they use? Money schools already trained children to become that. That's when they knew... ...that's when they started developing the new schooling system which was implemented two years ago in the world already. What else? Of course, symbols. Not so much symbols. I understand human beings make this "big thing" about symbols but symbols are not so much anymore. Previously yes. But, in this world today, no. At the moment, more they're focusing on the school system. From there, of course, and you've heard, you've got the programming towers. They're using a shit load of Tesla's inventions. Much. I'd say, at the moment in the world, that it is about 54 different Tesla inventions that is established in the world, that they are using for programming. What else? God, you've got so many people in the world that understand how the hell to program human beings - and they do it in liberty. Mostly news, media, what's here - and they're trying to instill fear. Fear is the greatest motivator for directing human beings. Simple. So, create fear to be able to direct! And the greatest fear that exists in human beings is fear of Death. And that's the only thing they have to play on. It's interesting. The only thing that they actually did starting point, in which starts a base to program human beings is fear - and also fear of Death. Because why would parents in the children's school "fear" of something? Why would America at the moment fear everything in terms of why would "war on terror" or something be declared? To instill fear - fear of Death. Why would there be movies about violence and people being killed, shot and the blood, the gore? There's fear being instilled inside - that is the only reason why movies are made. It's to project either a reality that doesn't exist or a reality to instill fear. Video games! Children playing video games. I know they're many that say: "Oh no, it's not bad!" Of course, it's not 'bad'. Just understand that your children are being programmed. All these PC games, computer games. If your child does not stand clear within who they are, they're being programmed, and will nonetheless, when Bush's regime is busy being placed, be enjoying the war on the world. They'll think war on terror in the world is really that. No, it's war on the world that you're starting, "under oath of the Illuminati" - which is exactly what I wanted to do, but from a different perspective. But it would be interesting... to hear this perspective as well... probably soon. OK! Thank you very much, this is Hitler. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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Hi, this is Adolf again.
OK, so I'll go more into the Illuminati.

I wouldn't... Right! During that time, they referred to themselves as the... as the 'Eliaj'. And they were basically the pinpoint sound of the world and the Earth. So, now in terms of what is referred to as the Illuminati here, in this world, at the moment - and God knows, even referring to them as the "Illuminati" is really...

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