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C4L13: Cat's Cradle

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As you notice we invent a lot of these two racket drills, here at the school of tennis. We love these drills because they are great for overall dynamic balance and keeping your head on straight, ambidexterity. This one is great for mastering the continental grip. Really understanding how the hips relate to the racket face. So let me show you how this cats cradle is done. I will show you in slow motion cause that will make it a lot easier. Start with a right handed forehand you've got the two rackets in the right and left hand they are both in a continental grip. You start by bumping the ball up from the right hand over towards the left hand right and you want the apex right about where your head is of the curve and then it should start coming down again. See that right into a left handed forehand. Now as you go into this left handed forehand notice how the right hand switches flops over from a forehand now its poised for a back hand. You see your hitting the left handed forehand straight up into the air and now the right handed back hand see that gives it a little bump. Right there and then what is going to happen is the left handed forehand is going to come into play as your right switches back over to the right side. Here comes that left handed forehand. Its coming right here BAM, goes back to the right side of your body. Now here your right hand is starting to open again into a forehand as your left hand flops over see that now the racket faces, see the W there, the racket faces turning towards a backhand. So now the left hand is once again going to bump the ball up. You will hit the backhand with the left hand and as the left hand starts to switch over to the other side as you swivel your hips now to the left. The right hand goes back into bumping the ball up towards the left side of the body which is where we began this whole cycle and the right hand bumps it over and turns into a backhand and the left hand as you can see switches to a backhand. So you are going from forehand to backhand and vice versa. From side to side, and do it very slowly it takes awhile but its worth it.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

Here's another challenging "sword-fighting" off court execrcise for you to improve your overall skills.

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