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Robocraft Unleashed - What is Robot Ranking

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What is up you guys. This is SpaceKryptonite here to help explain Robot Ranking. With the release of Robocraft Unleashed, Robot Ranking took over the Tier system but we don’t really have an explanation of how it works. So what is Robot Ranking? Robot Ranking has been around for a while, but we never really knew what it was used for. Robot Ranking is the value of your bot which is similar to the amount of RP your bot costs. Different parts are more valuable than others which mean higher rankings With the recent unleashed update, Robot Ranking became more than just the value. It determined what players you go against without restrictions to what Mk parts you have Unlike the Tier system, players are able to mix and match different parts from different Mks to match a common Robot Ranking The higher the Mk, the higher the Robot Ranking To make things easier, I will be saying RR instead of Robot Ranking Because players are matched with RR, it is more than likely that a player with an even amount of parts and a well design triforce will win This does not mean that you will win every match This just means you are using the right amount of components to make your bot efficient An example can be a player with this bot fighting this bot because of how close the Robot Ranking is Different Mk cubes can be used for one bot The difference is the amount of RR will increase the higher the Mk The most efficient way to create a bot is to match the Mk of your cubes with your weapons This way you go players with similar types of armor and weapons This goes the same with the amount of shields and movement items you have If you were to use higher Mks for your weapons and lower Mks for your cubes it may be difficult to get a kill Even though you may have better weapons, your bot will lack armor This build is plausible as I have seen other players get tons of kills with this technique. The only issue was late game. Their armor got shredded at Overclocked 13 due to low amount Mk cubes There are matches where you can’t avoid being the bot with lower RR This is because everyone is not matched to be evenly It is an average so your RR could be on the low or high end of the match The only time you will be matched evenly will probably be at Mk 10 where players are usually level 100 with max CPU Not all the time, but most of the times Also don’t be afraid to add some special items Special items are cheap on CPU and RR so adding it on your bot will just mean more visibility for you and your team Now that you have the knowledge of RR, what will you build? As always, I want to thank you guys for watching Be sure to like and subscribe for all your Robo needs Until next time this is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Aug 1, 2015

What is Robot Ranking? As simple as it sounds, it can get quiet complex. Learn what Robot Ranking is and how to use it to make your bot function a lot better.

Music used: Broken Circuitry by Jens Kiilstofte
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