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TLE Class 1: Rav

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So why are we studying this? As I said before, I found that the most important aspect of the study Is how it can benefit mankind. How does it benefit mankind? If mankind can be stable, up here, If all of his mechanisms work according to the machinations of the Universe. In a way that a sperm works, And it doesn't always work in the right way, Sometimes it produces things of an abnormal nature, But by and large it fits into very prescribed courses of evolution. Therefore, it is essential, if we can arrange everything up here, That it be according to the Universe, and, via these, in what He writes, Is the way, the natural springs of the universe operate. So, we are taking His word for it, In the absence of any other study in the world that can provide you with a logical, and also Ultimate logical theory and ultimate manifestation And see that this is the way it works, That I have ever found. And therefore, we are so concerned about understanding how the evolutionary process works, Because it is only through our undertanding Of how it works, that we will ultimately Make manifest our thinking process into whatever we're doing. Those, you're certain... What does that mean? Think for a moment! What does certainty mean? That I know if I think of building a building, I am certain the whole process works out exactly as I wanted it originally. That is certainty. But what happens? There, that's continuity, isn't it? Certainty means continuity. When you don't have continuity, It's because you have chopping of the series of events, Moving from one place to another, not in a continous course. This is what this course is about, How to establish right here, what we consider to be and what seems very logical, A course of certainty. A course of certainty. Now, what brings about the course of certainty? In a word? Restriction. That separates you from uncertainty. Restriction puts you back on the course of certainty. How simple we have defined it, How simple we brought it down, rather than write books and books and books on all the philosophies that emerge, Here is one philosophy! You want certainty, you must apply the process of restriction! You want uncertainty, then you leave it to chance. What is chance? Chance is a Sitra Achra. If is not a question of chance, Then you permit Him to come in with His certainty. So when things happen by chance, they are in fact not even chance. There is no such thing as chance. Is there a time table, that certainty, I mean, the person is hesitant, He is not sure if he has to do something or not, And he says, "I'm gonna take my time until I'm sure." In the meantime, the clock is working... It's working, and you've lost a customer! Either that, or...? You're asking a practical question. And the answer is: I have it for you. What I've just said, just to ... When I am not sure which course to take, I don't take it. But, in the meantime, Because what am I waiting for? What am I waiting for? For the right time? For the right...? What is the right time? What is the right moment? What? We need certainty. Certainty. How do I arrive at certainty? I could sit back and wait for the next 20 years. Right, I mean... That's no way. He's right. A person is... We could feel right about something, and it could be wrong. I mean, a person could wait for his soulmate to come, and he's waiting... Of course. That's right. That's correct. That's correct. I know some girls like that, who are waiting for the perfect match. So far... What are they supposed to do? I said it... All you have to do, is wait for that opportunity which must come, incidentally. That's part of the process. The opportunity of where you're gonna have to do a restriction. Immediately! You remember what we said about poison ivy? Where you have the problem, what lies right next to it? The remedy. The remedy! So it is, in this process. In a bulb General Electric has to insert a filament. It requires a physical action. With man, he is more fortunate. He can sit right home, in his own home... and wait for that opportunity to come, when he has to restrict. It could be a phone call. You know, sitting at home today, we are very fortunate, in the age of Aquarius, that even when I'm sitting home and if I'm even out in the middle of nowhere in no-man's-land but, if I have a phone, and even then, I could have a helicopter come to the middle of nowhere, right? Or, if I have a wireless. In other words, man is no longer alone. in this universe. And that moment, comes a telephone call. That moment comes an opportunity that you restrict, or you don't restrict. That'll come immediately! So I won't have to wait 20 years, until I make up my mind. Not making up the mind is The Sitra Achra and the cause of that uncertainty is because just maybe a moment ago, or 2 weeks ago, or six months ago you caused an action that involved the lack of restriction put that motion into gear that brings uncertainty. Uncertainty is very simple. It is the lack of restriction. It is where The Sitra Achra operates. The other force. The other force. Meaning ze la uma ze, al sal a kim sal, as King Solomon said. For every plus, He created a minus. This is the law of the universe.

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