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2019 - Kelley MAUK

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Okay so this is (?) and I am here to interview Kelley Mauk. So Kelly can you say your name and title further? I am Kelley Mauk. I am the star manager of the act, in accolades program and I am in the ultra pros. That's our team name. I’ve given that name. Ok, nice. Let’s start with the most basic stuff like how do you started your Tupperware business? Oh well. I was actually working at a college and. One of my student workers invited me to a Facebook party and I went to the Facebook party. I booked a party off of that. And then several people booked a party off of me. So I knew that the demand was there for a Tupperware and that's what got me really interested in it. Okay. Very business driven. Yes. Yes. that’s very good and how was your first party? My first party was the Facebook one - or my grand opening. - You can speak to go. OK my Facebook party. We actually paired my grand opening party with a Facebook party. It was a awesome party. I earned both of the hostess gifts and the catalog which was the red stack cooker which I love. Yeah right. My kitchen is red. So it fits in very well. Yes. And how long ago was this? - This was in August of 2015. - 2015. Nice. So from there to now how have you grown your business? How is it that you recruit? You do it during your parties?. you Do other initiatives? I mainly do my recruiting at a party. When I am out and about meeting people. I do hand up business cards. I handle sales flyers. I do a luncheon there and on the first Thursday of every month. So I have flyers with me to hand out to people. If I'm at my local grocery store or my dry cleaners or at the place where I the veterinary clinic that I take my my dogs they know who I am. They know that I am their Tupperware lady and I always have something to give them inviting them somewhere. And how do you present the opportunity to them? What do you say? Most of the time I tell my story how I got involved in Tupperware. When. my college decided to close its doors. We had started we were in the middle literally of the adoption process of our youngest boy. It was April I was in the second round of layoffs because my job was persistence and retention and we didn't need that anymore. We had taken out a legal benefit so every paycheck seven dollars was coming out of my paycheck and I was paying for the lawyers costs. Well that ended at the end of April and I had talked to the lawyer said How much do I need to come up with. Because our court date for adoption was October the 1st and with the help of Tupperware. Jeremiah calls himself my Tupperware baby because Tupperware paid for the rest of his adoption. Wao! So you have adopted children. I have two. Yes. Yes. We went through about eight years of infertility actually changed jobs to change insurance because you cap out and never never once that I get pregnant. So we turned to adoption and we have the two cutest little boys ever. Amazing. And how do you feel been you know working on your own and then been able to attend to your children. I imagine that's very important to you. It is it is. I was homeschooling until January of this year. I knew that if I was going to maintain star director I needed to concentrate more on my team get everything going I live in a great school district so they started school January the 7th of this year and they love it. I walk them to the bus stop I'm there to pick them up off the bus and that actually makes me excited and Tupperware lets me do that. I don't have to hire a babysitter to pick them up or I mean it's it's amazing what Tupperware has let me do as a mom. What are their names and ages? Jeremiah is five and James is eight and they're both adopted. Yes. Nice, are they relative to each other? Nope. Nope. We we are a melting pot. James is Hispanic and Jeremiah is African-American. - Amazing. - Yes. - So you have a diverse family. - We do. Oh absolutely. Oh that’s so beautiful. Do you do your family your children - participate with you in Tupperware business? - Oh they. Jeremiah has known how to spell Tupperware since he was about three. So yeah they have their lunch kits our Tupperware it's their main bag the Argyle, the black Argyle one and. James Right now he's in first grade. He's going through recycling and reusing and not waste and he's told his teacher my mommy is a Tupperware lady and she doesn't mind about bags anymore or we're just adorable. Its amazing, That’s great. And do you do anything in your community since you're you know environmentally conscious? I do agree with recycle. Of course. And I do Tupperware voice just go when I do my cooking classes. I. I do have some consultants come but it's mostly guests from the area. And just teaching them how to be a better mom. And you know when we make spaghetti in the microwave I don't have to sit at the pot and stir it and make sure it doesn't boil over. That I (?) you not. That is one of the best lifesavers in the world. So yeah. Yeah I actually had to get two one for my kitchen and one for my kids because it's one of the things that my husband knows how to use. And I had it with me at a party and he kept blowing up my phone because he knew how to make mac and cheese and I had the pasta maker with me. Nice, So these people have come to your to your those kind of meetings are they interested in the opportunity? What kind of people do you get? I get pretty much anything. It's its moms that aren't working. Most of the time because it's it's before school lets out and will whatever they say yes or is or we're in the middle of the psychic revolution so I'm usually using the stock cooker and we'll make taco soup or will ground beef in the sack cooker which no one believes you can do that. We've roasted chicken in the sack cooker in the microwave and it's amazing to see the moms react to what comes out of the microwave and how it's fully prepared and ready to go in 30 Minutes or Less. Amazing. So once you have somebody ou know in like they’re joining, they want to do this as a part of your team how do you work with them? How is your relationship with your team? My team I love my team members. Of course I do. I work with them. I have a one on ones with a lot of them mainly over the phone or through chat or through texting. I have one who calls me almost every day. She's my she's my new director she's the one who made me star director and she took she took my mother in law's place on my frequent callers list. So yes just getting them going getting them started answering questions. And then when my teammates welcomed new teammates I welcome them to the team let them know that I'm here to help. Here's my phone number and let them know I do have two little boys so if you leave me a message I will get back to you. So do you go with them to their grand openings? Absolutely. And do you teach them anything particular about how do parties? I think my favorite thing to do at the party is to share the dice game and that is a is that to book parties. You roll the dice and you have eleven smidge it's with little notes in them and half of them say book party and the other half say win a little prize for me and it's so usually something small they all get a citrus Peeler anyway but it could be another smidgen. It could be anything. Mostly a tiny treasure but to show them how to successfully book a party from a party because you need to keep your business going. That's one of the main things that I do. And the way I do my party I had a new consultant joined from a party and she was really concerned because she didn't know about the kit and she didn't know. And I took her to her rally. She hadn't gotten her kit yet and I took her to rally and I said this is your kits. Now you see why I do my party the way I because I make salsa and I talk about the measuring cups and the measuring spoons and the quick shake and all everything in the kit and she's like OK I now understand why you do your party the way you do your party because it's all included in there. Yeah, it’s important. And did you do any team building activities like with all your group. Any any kind of like I don't know I know you said you have luncheon system. I have luncheon and that's mainly mainly for customers. - But I do have some common consultants that come. - Ok. Ok. We do I actually have a another director that lives right in my area and we have paired up a sister directors and every Tuesday whether it's rally or not with Debbie Dickie who's our business leader we have either a tap or bingo night. We have a cooking class that we teach everybody and most of the time we're trying new recipes from the new catalogs for the first time are cooking the cake and the skillet on the stove. That was one of my ideas of challenges. So I mean it's amazing to get the girls involved and sometimes guests come and I kid you not within a week or two they join our they join the team which is amazing but we call it it's our cooking classes our controlled chaos. We usually have four microwaves going at the same time four different things going on and we go live on Facebook and the events and talk about what we're doing and it’s a lot of fun. And how does your team relate to each other? Do they help each other? Do they teach each other stuff? Do they support each other? We do. Oh absolutely. Tabitha Brinkman and Robin Playa, Robin is my director and her director is Tabitha. And between the two of them plus I have a consultant on my team who's an executive manager and she just had a 24 hundred dollars Facebook party. Tabitha and Robin have kind and Nikki Hight have gotten the Facebook down Facebook party down to kind of a science and everybody's played with it and tried to change things. But you know when you've got it down you don't change about it. Don't reinvent the wheel that's already going. So to be able to learn from our other sister directors or other teammates like Colleen is my first director to promote and I know that I am not solely responsible for that. She has she's talked with Robin who's my director. She's talked with Nikki Hight who is another director on our team. They have a lot in common though. They've they both have an anxiety. They've both lost children. They have the support group that I can't relate to Colleen in that way but they can. And it's really amazing how we build ourselves up by being able to reach out to people that we can have more in common with which is nice. They do sharing at personal level. (inaudible). Absolutely. That’s really really nice. I'm really thinking about the Facebook party sometimes. Some people think it's like a mystery. How did they do that? Or is it really you know working. So how do you go that you do a demo on your party? Do you show digital catalogs (??). How does it go? Does it like a regular party online? It's online. Literally you create an event. You post a welcome. I do. I make it last about seven days so every day I'll post. And it's me in the video. I don't want to show someone else doing something in a video if I don't have a video of the product I know Tupperware makes a lot of videos and I look for the ones that don't have a face. It's mostly hands doing something. So they're not seeing a person because I want to be their favorite Tupperware lady not someone else. So I'll do sometimes a Tupperware joke. You know the lady that gets buried in a Tupperware off and or you know something goofy like that. So it's not all about the product but definitely during the actual party I will go live and I'll talk about the breakfast maker or I'll be Browning ground beef in the microwave and I'll come in at a point where I'm pulling it out and showing them how it's Browning because I don't want to be grumpy for 12 to 15 minutes betting on how much beef you have. And I don't want to be live for that long so I'll go in the middle. And make sure that they can chat with me and see my face and see my hear my personality come through my voice because if you're on Facebook if you don't know the person you don't really know the person. And Facebook is. Facebook. So how many did you get those seven day running parties (inaudible)? Well it depends on your hostess really. You tell her to invite. She didn't want to over invite. She didn't want to invite 400 people because they don't feel special. So she invites about 50 the moms, the working moms who may have kids in football. They need to pay for that. Whatever it is. To go to football or cheerleading or dance or whatever it is they need that little bit of extra income to help meet those ends or they need to know how to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Or you know something along those lines and they feel special to be invited because there's only 30 to 50 people invited. Whereas if you invite 400 you're one of many. Right. I'm not special. I am one of 400. Nice thing. That's really interesting. And about the product do you say what you're showing or you’re interested in other stuff? Well they always ask me what is my favorite piece of Tupperware. And I say well I have two things when I talk about a lot. The one that you'll never catch me without is my eco water bottle my large I take it with me everywhere I go I refill it three times in the day and I have my intake of water that I mean that my favorite piece of Tupperware is the chop and prep and I always have it there with me and show it because I know I will never cry when I'm cutting onions again. That’s true, and the home parties. Do you do the home parties? I do. Those are my favorite. Absolutely. And how many parties do you do a week? Like some parties I. I'm trying to. I'm reaching a goal of set myself a goal this year to do two a week and throw in a Facebook party if I can just because I I want to maintain my star director position. My goal is to be a three star by the end of this year I have a teammate who's gonna become my second star. And then I've got to find my other one. So that's my goal this year. Amazing and before you were doing Tupperware you mentioned college before what were you working there? I was working at Divine University. I'm from Houston Texas. We had a campus that was eleven minutes from my house and we they closed about I think. Eleven different markets and we were the largest that they closed we had three campuses in Houston and they closed the door they have a big online presence still. If it was a handle on technology degree they finished out those students and then they closed the doors. How did you spend that time? It was tough but my I knew what I needed to do I needed to find something else, I have an MBA and I have an MBA. I have a master's degree in project management as well and so my last week at the college. British Petroleum BP had laid off an additional 6000 workers and in Texas the job market is project management and that told me what my my future was not going to be. I was going to be an oil and gas industry. I wasn't going to get a project manager job because everyone was out there looking so I had to go a different route and knowing I am an extrovert. If you can't tell. I love people. And that's one of my that's one of probably one of my biggest personality traits is my personality. I'm very outgoing and out there and you know everything about me after talking to me for about five minutes and that is what I think makes me really good at what I do. Do you think is a better fit for you to be a Tupperware director than what you were doing before? Absolutely. I was going to work all along. I was going to work early I had to have a baby sitter and I don't I don't have to stay late. I don't have to plan graduations on the weekends. It's nice to be able to be literally a stay at home mom. I can homeschool my boys if I want to or if they're sick. I'm there for them during the day I dropped them off at the bus stop I'm there to pick them up in the evenings when they get off. So it's it's amazing what Tupperware actually can do for you. Is there any favorite activities that you do with your kids or your family? That you want to share, that you think yeah I'm so grateful I could do this with them because I have the time I (??). Being able to go and visit family members. My I have a sister who lives about 30 minutes from us and all all three of her kids are grown. She has one that is in the middle age of our of our children and my brother has a little girl so right now literally between Christmas December 15 this might well the son's birthday between Christmas and February which is one of my nieces birthday. They are right now they are 8, 7, 6 and 5. So two boys and two girls and they get to do the cousin thing and play and it's so absolutely great to be able to let them share that with each other. That’s amazing and how’s having this work and family life balanced? and being a Tupperware businesswoman do you feel that you are empowered? I do. Absolutely. Just to be able to go out there and be able to change other women's lives if they see the success that I have and other Tupperware ladies have to be able to give that to them give them the opportunity. And you tell them you know. It's Tupperware may not be for everyone but it's for everyone at least to try to see how and where you can take this opportunity. Amazing. So final question. Why do you love what you do? Oh well I think it actually has a lot to do with the girl time. To be I've got a houseful of boys and dogs. So yeah to be able to get out and get to know people that I would have never known in the first place that is probably the best aspect of working in Tupperware to be able to get out and meet new people. Thank you. And can you do a short snippet for me just say my name is Kelly Mauk and I love what I do? Absolutely. My name is Kelly Mauk and I love what I do. - Thank you. - Absolutely.

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2019 - Kelley MAUK

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