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Elysium (2013)

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(android) Max De Costa, 36 years old.

Violation today at bus stop 34 B.

(android) What's in the bag?

(Max) Hair products, mostly. I'm just... Hey-hey-hey-hey! Just goin' ta work! Aaaaah!

(android) Thank you citizen. (Max) No, thank you. (android) Immediate extension of parole duration by... Wait - what? No-no-no. (android) Elevation in heart rate detected. Would you like a pill? (Max, stilted voice) No - I - am - o - kay. Thank - you.

(android) Are you sarcastic and or abusive? (Max) Negative. (woman) Welcome (man) Ah, hello madam. (computer voice) Cancer cells removed. Three undocumented ships are approaching air space. (Jodie Foster as Delacourt) Shoot them down. (woman) I see things haven't changed. (Max) This wasn't even my fault. (woman) You still stealing cars? (Max) No. Since I got out, I've been trying to live a normal life. (man) You used to be a legend, and now what? (Max) Closing 34. No-no-no! No! (android) In five days, you will die. Thank you for your service. (Max) They can fix it on Elysium, man. (man) Max - I think I can help get you up there. Hey, bring down the bone saw. Are they gonna kill me? [grinding] (Max) What did you do to me? (man) Gave you a way out. Whoever has this, has the power to override their whole system. (woman) She's very sick Max. I need you to get her up there. (man) You can save everyone. When can I go? Activate Kruger. Aaaah! (Max) Follow me. Stay close. (whispered voice) They will hunt you to the ends of the earth for this. (whispered voice) You have no idea what you're doing. [scream] [throbbing electronic tone] [Captions by]

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Country: United States
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Aug 12, 2013


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