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Drug money laundering by wall street ( Max Keiser ) Afghanistan war - Spanish Subt

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In other words if you bought gold of silver two or three years ago [¿?] the stupidity and incompetence of those who were forging that what was then the fascist model... banking, the state sponsored banking you know, you would've been up... you would've seen your gold go to 2000 an ounce by now I mean, that's the value of the [discount?] for the inflation that's how It'd been injected into system to pay off the bankers but that hasn't happened why? because it's not a free market, is it? the gold price is set on the back end you know, I sold my [virtual ¿? technology] to [?¿] Fitzgerald. [¿?] Fitzgerald is a banker, is a primary government dealer that used the technology to set a price for government bonds as I know that they do, as I know that they set the price for gold and they set the price for silver so these prices are not moving based on supply and demand they're not moving in any way other than what the cartel, the [¿?], the [¿?], want them to go the only way you and I, or someone else, can get ahead or make money is to gamble and to speculate and since the odds are very bad that this is gonna [work¿?] you to have millions and millions of people now falling into petty crime, prostitution and drug dealing. Drug dealing, this is the high profit businesses, there's no higher profit business in the world than drug dealing, prostitution and murder [for higher¿?] this is the highest margin businesses in the world Doesn't it make sense then, that the people who are [¿?] the savers of the world

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Posted by: uea978 on Sep 1, 2009

Drug money laundering by wall street ( Max Keiser ) Afghanistan war - Spanish Subt

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