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Thank You For The Music

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This... this is just... *gasping noise* Noooo... It's just... urgh Okay just... listen Cue... dramatic title sequence ¿Celebro que vamos a hacer esta noche? Lo mismo que hacemos todas las noches Pinky... ...tratar- No... no, sorry, not that one... The... the other one... Mmm, yeah, that one. Cue... dramatic title sequence ♫Dramatic music♫ Wasn't that just... amazing! *camp gasp* *incomprehensible high pitched noises* I have my own theme tune! A theme tune! My- that was composed for me by... ...somebody wonderful. Ahhh... my god... My own theme tune! I dreamed of this! Okay, I haven't actually dreamed of this But you know It's just so tempting to just carrying around some loud speakers in my bag and have it play when I walk into a room Um... But then, even I'm not quite that... ...vain It's good though, isn't it? It's really good, it's perfect. It's just like... ...everything... I could ever dream. I'm just... so amazed. I just asked someone if they would compose a theme tune for me, and... I thought "Maybe, he might do it... ...after a while, a few days, couple of weeks... ...ask me what I want, I'll say look at the other videos, it'll be obvious." But he just did it. And I don't know how long, I should probably check I asked the evening before and then... the morning, there was already a reply... ...saying he'd made one. And I was just like "what?!" Also my hairs... I mean I thought it was quite fluffy Because you've got this here. But it's a bit of a weird shape, isn't it? I mean I normally have it– *Weird drawing noises* Okay, uh... I won't do videos this often Um, I didn't want to actually... ...start doing video this often because I knew I wouldn't keep it up It's not really going to be anymore than once a week But it's just there's been so many exciting things... I mean, the BGIOK launching— *small squeak* What's making that noise? Is that my chair? *more small squeaks* A little squeak! So cute! But annoying. Stop it. *another squeak* No! Just stop! Okay— –Now I've got a theme tune... I had to make a video about that because... why wouldn't I? I've got a theme tune! Gonna turn that way because this side is not good *groan!* It's alright this side but it's just like this side is just... SHHRRRK! It's like– I'm like the Phantom of the Opera I should have a mask I mean It's not actually that scary in the film when he takes his mask off. He's just slightly wrinkled But lord, this... This would actually have the real audience fainting. There's another— I'm not going to do a video everytime that... ...there's a new BGIOK video But there is another video...! Today being Wednesday, and there will be another one on Friday. *Whistle* *Pop* I might make a pie! Sitting in my hand... ...a little band from France... ...called... Dionysos... Possibly another video on the weekend? But I might not. I could, I can give you another video on the weekend It's not trouble But I just think that maybe, you know, there's only... much Professor the world can take. And I understand that. Bye bye! ♫Dramatic music♫ PIE! Pie pie pie pie pie! Piiiieeee... A lovely cherry pie.

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Posted by: theprofessor on Jan 20, 2011

Huge thanks to Chess for my incredible theme tune! I am so grateful.

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