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OCD-A New Day

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Welcome, everyone, to a brand new day! Today marks a new beginning for OCD and the start of our rebuilding it, all around the world, as a stand-alone, strong and growing IVD company. As of today, we will focus all of our efforts to bring OCD worldwide back to topline profitable revenue growth again — winning new customers and retaining current ones better than ever, because our products and services matter to them. We’ll have a new leadership team with deep industry experience and a business track record for success. A new overall strategy and completely different operating model moving forward. And a new spirit of opportunity as we transform ourselves, we move out of the shadow existence as part of a very large organization — and step out to be our own stand-alone, focused and entrepreneurial company. So at the start of this new day, what values will guide us and contribute to our success? First, it's a spirit of ownership by each and every one of us. This is our chance as one team, individually and collectively, to own the destiny and the future of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. We own our decisions, the results of these decisions and the success. And ownership means we make sure that we deliver the best customer experience possible with our products and services. And that includes everyone in the company, not just people who deal with the customers directly. Ownership also means that we take actions to fill some of our product offering gaps that we have, and we do it with our internal product development, but also with our external partners. And ownership means that the new OCD will give you an opportunity to show what you are capable of doing. Making a change at OCD for the better. Making it more exciting and a more rewarding place to work. Each one of us can contribute in our own individual ways, but with one single spirit of ownership in all that we do. Our next guiding value is clarity. Now clarity means that we are working in a culture in which each of us knows answers to three key questions: - What is the priority? - What can I do to contribute to that priority? - And how do I know that what I did worked? Its focus, action and results. And, if that is clear throughout the new OCD— through all functions, sites and geographies— all of us know and understand how we win and when we will win. We will focus on the core of the business. We will roll out change programs where everyone can contribute in a major way. And, we will report back frequently on what the effect of that initiative was. Because, what gets measured, gets done. We’ll have clear expectations, company-wide, for what we do. We will talk about what worked and what didn't work, with very much transparency. Our third guiding value is drive. Believe me, I came here to drive the business forward, not to just maintain it. I want to play to win. I am sure you do as well! It’s much more interesting and fun to play to win. Drive means that we are relentless in getting to the bottom of an issue and finding new creative solutions to solve it. We’re making targeted reinvestments in a tough competitive market because we intend to win — with a new commitment to grow the business, and a shared determination to win new customers and to keep them. Drive means that we take some calculated risks in developing new business opportunities, and to give talented people new and challenging responsibilities. The drive that will help us to be decisive and act effectively as an organization. And that drive will shape how the new OCD feels as a company and the kinds of people we attract and want to work here. And it’s a drive for a strong and steady emphasis on creating the best customer experience in the industry. “O.C.D.” “Ownership, Clarity and Drive.” These three values — they’re made real by the actions we take on a day-to-day basis. Here are some examples that I’d like to offer. If your role is New Product Development, challenge yourself and your team to see how you can create something great in less time, or making our next generation platform to be very different and differentiated in a timely manner. If you work in the Contracting department, consider as a team how you can find new approaches to get that customer contract approved faster because that really drives an improved customer experience. If you work in Manufacturing, you will likely know better ways to improve our product cost position and that will help us to compete better in the marketplace. Or, if you’re in Regulatory, how can we find a faster way to get that product approved, so we can sell it in our organization? Those are just a few illustrations. Everyone’s function, whether it’s in R&D, Sales and Marketing—all functions must all be performed in a customer-centric way. Because I am very certain about this part — our diagnostics business is really driven by how we attract these customers, how we build them and how we nurture them over time. So again—regardless of your role, the customer belongs to all of us. And so does an exciting future, even more so with people like Alex Socarras joining us as the new Executive Vice President for Global Commercial Operations. Alex? Thank you, Martin. After many years at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, I am excited to join the OCD family. I started off my career 24 years ago as an R&D research chemist working on the same technologies that today make up many of our analyzers. Why have I joined OCD? Because I firmly believe that we can get our company back on a growth trajectory that demonstrates to others we can win. Please join me on that journey. It’s going to be fun. With the new leadership coming together— new strategies as a stand-alone company, we will begin to pin down every detail over the next few weeks and months. But, it’s already very clear — the opportunity with new growth is real. And this is tremendously positive for OCD. We’ve begun an exciting New Day at OCD. Join us in creating our own successful future as a stand-alone company.

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Martin Madaus explains the rollout of the New OCD

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