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SAVE THE A-10 WARTHOG (It's the only thing ISIS/Islamic State terrorists are scared of)

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Posted by: tburger88 on Apr 18, 2017

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As an author, T.C. often encounters interesting stories while doing research for his novels, and sometimes these wind up as a YouTube episode. T.C. is an award winning and critically acclaimed southern writer whose short fiction has appeared in Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas, in Story Quarterly and in Nature. His debut novel, Germline, and its sequel, Exogene are available worldwide and the final book of the trilogy, Chimera, was released in August 2012. In addition to being an author, T.C. is a PhD scientist, a Fulbright Fellow, and a Howard Hughes Biomedical Research Scholar.

SAVE THE A-10 WARTHOG (It's the only thing those ISIS/Islamic State terrorists are scared of)

ISIS and other Islamists are guilty of shooting muslims and Christians at mass graves. They behead them and put their heads on poles. They kidnap their children and put them into slavery. They rape children. This is all documented and is not myth, conspiracy, or a lie; this is "current history." It's really happening. And the A-10 is one of the few effective weapons that stands in their way and puts in them the fear of God.

But the Air Force wants to kill the A-10. DON'T LET THEM. Write your congressmen/women and let them know: they'll lose your vote unless they protect the A-10 and its missions.

Editing/Graphics: Leonard McTear, Aiken, SC
Music: Angeles, by Elliott Smith

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