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Relativity School - Intro

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I'm really excited about building a school that will give students an opportunity to access the industry in a way that's never been available before. We get to redefine the rules of education. Relativity School is the first school of its kind created in partnership with a motion picture studio. They are redefining the rules of Hollywood as we speak. Relativity School is going to offer degrees in performing arts -- Film production -- And in entrepreneurship and media. Executives that work at Relativity, that work in marketing the films and distributing the films, business development, physical production of the films. People who are experts in their field. Everyone you can imagine; directors, actors, screenwriters, gaffers. They're really excited about having the opportunity to give back and communicate with students. Right now, there's a significant change that empowers the individual. The idea is that our students will never wait around for someone to hire them. They're going to create their own opportunities. Our school is going to prepare students to be their own business. In a way that celebrates who they are. We're creating artists that are also entrepreneurs. Relativity School is based at LA Center Studios, which is a working studio lot in downtown Los Angeles. You are right in the middle of all of the action. Our students are going to have the opportunity to shoot on practical sets, on studio lots and in active production environment. Any day, they can run into a television show shooting or a film crew shooting. It's pretty extraordinary. That's the great thing about coming to do this in Los Angeles. It's not just giving them a camera, sending them out into the field to go shoot. It's doing it under guided mentorship. We're interested in giving our students the tools for a lifetime of success. The first time that you're hired on a real Hollywood set won't be the first time that you've ever stepped onto one. We want our students to throw everything they've got into experimenting within their craft. We don't live in a world that rewards safety. We live in a world that celebrates risk takers. We're risk takers in coming out and bringing on an entirely new concept in higher education. And we can send students out into the world with the confidence to take creative risks. We want you to be successful, we want you to go out there and do the thing that can't be done. We want to give our students the confidence to stand out from the pack.

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Posted by: tertia on May 3, 2014

An introduction to Relativity School

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