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[Finish strong] [Featuring excerpts from the 7x7 Quality Improvement Course] [Ratings] >> At Uber, both drivers and riders receive a star rating at the end of each trip. That mutual rating system means that everyone is accountable for their own behavior. The partner app has a section entirely about your ratings. The star rating is based on ratings that riders have given you. That rating is an average of all your rated trips until you reach 500 rated trips. After 500 trips, your star rating is an average of only the most recent 500 rated trips. [Last impressions] Why is the end of the trip so important? Because a rider rates you after the trip is over. If they feel great at the end of the trip, they give you a great rating. Five stars. If you make a mistake but you ended the trip well, you may have saved your rating. [Quickly and safely] If your rider tells you, "I'm late, can you drive faster?" You need to remember it's not your fault they're late. However, if you blame your rider for it, you won't get a good rating, either. If you drive dangerously to get your rider where they need to go, you might get a bad rating and a bad ticket. A good way to handle the situation is to be sympathetic and stay professional. Tell them, "I'll get you there as quickly and as safely as possible." Then do it. But be smart. Use an app like Waze to find the best route and let your rider know if there are any complications. [Road rage] As professional drivers, we cannot get road rage. Road rage could mean that I'm racing other drivers, using my horn aggressively or complaining that other drivers are terrible. Not only is road rage a safety issue, it's a ratings issue, too. It's better to take a break if you need to. [What not to do while driving] >> When you're driving, you need to limit your phone usage to absolute necessities, like briefly checking the GPS when you're stopped at a red light. Everything else can wait. That means no Facebook, no texting, no playing Candy Crush or any other game. None of it is safe behavior while driving. Anything that is taking your attention away from the road need to wait. If you do play with your phone while you're driving you might think, "It's never been a problem before, so why should I change?" We want to point out that all of these activities are ones that riders have complained about. Your riders in the backseat are telling Uber when they see you playing on your phone while you are driving. So not only is it not safe, but it's bad for your rating, too. [Community guidelines] >> The community guidelines are for Uber riders and partners, and basically say that we all deserve to be treated with respect. You can read the community guidelines on the app or by searching online for Uber community guidelines. However, it is important to try using professionalism before you end the trip early and report a rider. Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking the rider to stop their behavior or keep their conversation for after the trip is over. Do what you need to in order to protect yourself, but remember that the rider needs your safe driving and professionalism on the road, as well. [The help options] >> If there is an issue during the trip, we need to report it to Uber using the help options. From the home screen, select the dollar amount, then the question mark in the corner to get to the help options. In fact, if you see a question mark in the upper right of the screen in the Uber app, you can use it to access the help articles and contact options at any time. Just make sure that you are safely parked when you are making your report so that you do not have to worry about other drivers or a ticket. When you select the issue, scroll to the bottom of the screen and confirm that you have the correct trip. If your issue is about a different trip, select "change trip" and find the correct trip in your history. Some issues, like if the rider made a mess in your car, must be reported within three business days in order for Uber to reimburse you. Depending on your city, you may also be able to reach Uber via phone support, for an in-person discussion of the issue or even make an appointment for an in-person discussion of the issue. We strongly recommend that you take the time to explore all of the help options and information before you next go online. [Review] [How you end a trip can affect your rating!] [Stay positive to get a better rating.] [Be sympathetic to your rider] [and stay professional and safe!] [Avoid road rage.] [Anything that takes your attention] [away from the road needs to wait.]

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