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Hello and welcome to the white beach in Puerto Galera in the Philippines. And today, I want to talk to you about signs, gestures, body language that you have to learn in foreign languages. The problem is a lot of these aren't really covered by typical courses, and you won't find them in a lot of books. And I think they're crucial to understanding foreign cultures. So, if you're in Brazil, for example, if you see that, you won't know what that means if someone's talking to you and they do this. It actually means I don't care, I don't give a damn. But you should know that before you go to understand the people. The same with -- in Italy, they don't go, "Hmm, delicious," They do this. They turn their finger into their face like that. So, here in the Philippines, I'm noticing quite a lot of their interesting signs that they do to communicate themselves. So, for example, instead of pointing with their finger like this, they point with their lips. And it's not only here. You've seen that in a few other countries like Columbia. Even some of the French people I've met would do that. They would just point with their lips. And so, it's important to realize what that means because, otherwise, it causes some confusion. Another one is if you go into restaurants, I'd be used to asking for the menu like this, whereas here, you have to draw a square with your fingers. That represents the menu. And when you're done, I'd be used to asking for the check or the bill by writing in the air like this. And I found that that works in pretty much every country I've been to up to now. But here, you have to draw a rectangle not with your index fingers like last time but with your index finger and your thumb like this, and closing it. So out -- Not a thing; I can do it. So, it's interesting. You have to get to know these differences if you really want to be able to communicate and understand other natives. So, if you're learning a particular language, maybe try to do some research. Do Google search or YouTube, and see what hand gestures and body language is unique to that language and culture. And that will really help you to understand the locals better. So, best of luck with that.

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Posted by: localfiles0001 on Nov 30, 2011


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