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Will India Become a Superpower in the Future? Sadhguru

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so will we become a super power in the future? I think if we reproduce faster if we become two or three billion people we can populate the whole world and become a super power we are seem to be taking that route right now the only thing we can do is populate the world it could be an asset there is a different way of conquering the world everybody is trying in different ways, with arms, weapons, money. we have got our own way wherever you go there will be only indians so we will be a super power whoever is super power, we will be a part of it isn't it so in a way it's not just for joking right now we are one billion people, we can't kill half the people the only thing we can do is if we can have one billion people who are focused and committed all these people can do things that no technology can do tremendous things they can do one billion people if you can have them properly educated and focused they are a tremendous possibility but if you have an unfocused uncommitted one billion population this is going to be the worst curse we are somewhere in between now which way we are going to take it in the next twenty five years will decide everything about what india is going to be so this is one problem where ever you go people want a prediction will we become super power? nobody became a super power just like that somebody worked so hard when you were eating and sleeping, somebody worked and worked and worked and worked. isn't it? see, lot of people are thinking, leave the super power. in your own city some people are rich, some people are poor, some people are hanging in between you ate properly, you took nap in the afternoon, went to bed right on time spent a lot of time with your wife and children. had little little pleasures but somebody else, you know did not go for all those things, he just worked when you ere sleeping he was working when you are celebrating ugadi with your wife and children he was on a business trip now, certain things have come to him it did not come because somebody made a prediction somebody worked with the right sense they worked otherwise it won't come you need to understand this we are looking for false sense of well being that well being won't last. if you really want well being, you have to create it on solid ground only then it will last i think i should tell you a story so on a certain day it happened like this there was a bull and a pheasant grazing upon the field the bull was grazing upon the grass the pheasant was picking ticks off the bull. they are partners there was a huge tree on the edge of the field the pheasant looked up at the big tree and very nostalgically said "oh alas!" there was a time when i could fly to the top most branch of the tree now I do not have the stregth in my wing even to fly to the fli...first banch of the tree the bull very non-chalantly said "oh, that's no problem" just need a little bit of my dung and within a fortnight you will reach the top most branch of the tree the pheasant said, "oh, come on what nonsense" what kind of nonsense is that the bulls said "really, try and see. the whole humanity is on it" the pheasant very hesitantly pecked at the dung and lo, at the very first day it reached the first branch of the tree within a fortnight it reached the top most branch of the tree there it went and sat just beginning to enjoy the scenery the old farmer was rocking on his rocking chair he saw a fat old pheasant sitting on top of the tree he pulled out his shot gun and shot the bird off the tree the moral of the story is many times even bullshit can get you to the top but it never lets you stay there if you want to know a sustained sense of happiness a sustained sense of well being you need to do the right thing somehow everybody can be happy somehow everybody can be well but you cannot sustain it you are just trying to bullshit yourself into well being whether super power or super happy you're doing it in so many ways

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks if India will become a superpower in the future. Sadhguru responds that if you have a billion people focused and commited there's tremendous possibility, if unfocused it could be a curse. People must work for it. (AO58)

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