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Novacool UEF (Universal Extinguishing Foam) Used to Extinguish E-85 (85% ethanol gasoline).

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Posted by: way210e0pa on May 1, 2014 UEF (Universal Extinguishing Foam) Used to Extinguish E-85 (85% ethanol gasoline).Novacool
UEF, as a Class B firefighting foam, is able to extinguish 1.5 gallons
of E-85 gasoline from a 2.5 gallon extinguisher using just over 2 oz.s
of Novacool. Polar solvents such as ethanol present an ever growing
threat to fire departments across the country as it is being used more
and more as a gasoline additive and is being shipped throughout the
country via freeways and rail. Conventional AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming
Foams) and AR-AFFF (Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foams) are
unable to extinguish ethanol or polar solvent flammables, making

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