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Why the Bush family invaded Iraq

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Why did Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. invade Iraq? Travel back in time to the CIA overthrow of Abdel Karim Kessem [John Perkins, 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'] If we don't like what a democraticly elected leader of another country is doing, for example opposing the exploitation of oil in this country as Chaves is doing in Venezuela, or the exploitation of gas or water as Morales is doing in Bolivia, then we try to corrupt people into changing that and going back to the old system. And we try to corrupt those particular officials. So, in the case of South America, in recent elections seven countries, representing over 80% of South American population elected presidents that ran on an anti-corporatocracy platform. Now, these presidents did not run on an anti-American or anti-European policy If I as an American go to any one of these countries, I'll be embraced with open arms. And they love our principals, they love our declaration of independence but they hate having their resources exploited by us. That's what they ran against, the corporatocracy. And once these presidents were elected, someone who looks like me I had the job at one time will walk into that president's office, speaks the language, speaks spanish, whatever, portuguese walks into the office and says 'Congratulations, Mr. President', or in the Case of Chile, 'Ms. President'. 'And now I just want to remind you that I can make you and your family very, very rich if you play my game, our game. Or, I can see to it that you're thrown out of office or assassinated, if you decide to fulfill your campaign promises.' And usually it's said a little more subtler than that, because there may be a tape recorder listening. But they get the message, because everyone of those presidents knows what happened to Arbens of Guatemala And Ayende of Chile, and Roldos of Equador, and Lumumbo of the Congo, and... ...and Torrijos, and on and on, the list is very long with presidents that we have had thrown out or assassinated. There's no question about that. And they all know this. So we perpetuate the system that way, from this pocket you offer a few hundred million dollars. Corruption. Or, from this pocket, you offer subversives, jackals, to go in and overthrow the government or assassinate the president. And if I'm in that position, if I'm that president and even if I'm very integritive, and I really believe in what I'm going to do.

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