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Dana Agmon CUNY BA Keynote Speech

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there have been too many words uttered about the current state of humanity it is dire and although there is love and light in the world cruelty, violence, racism, corruption and abuse are systematic. we are measured by a set of standards that have made jesters to kings and have used justice for greed humanity is quite literally skin deep as it continues to glorify materialism over our individual and collective well being where masses of people of practice hatred based on man made lines in the sand infantile physical differences drive friction and organized brutality conflict is rampant hunger... even exists and disease is eating at us from within, like it did the great empires of the westerns world since ancient Rome do not be blind. do not follow mindlessly and do not be afraid you are only just beginning set your tone, question everything around you stretch your limits to the extreme question your own goals, your own motivations and your own beliefs rattle the cages of religion, politics and society don't just listen think we all need to exist in the reality that has been created for us but it does not mean we have to accept it and surrender be lawyers, be engineers, be designers pursue a career in the arts, politics or social work go after those dreams that fulfill you become anchors, analysts or doctors but always remember you may be an individual but an individual that is a part of a greater whole what defined your individualism is the fact that we are all individuals so whatever you choose to do stay human stay connected - openly and truthfully - to those around you, near and far stay close to the human experience be mindful of others at every basic level of your existence both emotionally and physically you share those experiences with everyone around you we all sleep, we eat, we hurt, we love, we laugh and we think it sounds simple but for each of you taking a shower is a normal activity for each of you the feeling of relaxing at the end of the day and recharging, is normal there are billions that this is a luxury for there are billions that struggle to just have water it is no longer enough to just give money or volunteer the change is much larger it is the largest scale change that starts with each one of you wherever you are on your path, wherever you in your life don't just acknowledge it do something about it if you are an entrepreneur, find a way to give your services to those who can't pay If you are a designer, use sustainable materials if you are a nurse or health professional, remember the families of those you treat don't just pursue a job, house, have kids, retire and die make your own micro change because you are all you can change and if each one of us, each one of you sitting here graduates, and faculty and families if we do the change ourselves well that's when we have a real start of a real change wanting to care for the larger human society, isn't weakness it isn't soft and you are not duped into it, like so many politicians have us believe strength isn't being a bully because you have money and weapons strength is taking the difficult road ahead the challenging path to equality that can be routed in the undisputed fact that we live on one planet as one society humanity you are a part of a greater good be greater Dana Agmon Keynote Speech at CUNY BA Commencement June 2019

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