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11th Global Online Seminar in Biodiversity Informatics: CliMond

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Posted by: townpeterson on Nov 13, 2016

Title:  CliMond – global climatologies and utilities for bioclimatic modelling
Lecturer:  Prof. Darren Kriticos
Home Institution:  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Canberra, Australia
Date: 26 February 2015
Time: 0700 AEDT

Too often it seems, bioclimatic modellers take their environmental covariates for granted; assuming that whoever put the data together knew what they were doing, and produced results that were robust and reliable, and at a suitable scale and resolution for our applications.  The CliMond dataset grew out of our struggle to come to terms with how wrong these assumptions can be.  The CliMond archive has now grown into a source of freely available climate data products, modelling utilities, and the home of the Bioclim registry.  In this seminar I will first briefly describe why we embarked on the project, present the data products, their derivation and limitations. I will then outline where the CliMond team see the project going and what we consider to be future climate data and modelling tool priorities for the bioclimatic modelling community.
Suggested reading:
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