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Horton Hears a Who (2008)

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[footsteps] [metalic clink] [pebble dropping] [sound of stretching rubber] [mechanical clunk] [air whistling] [tiny yells] [gasp!] [gasp!] HEELLOO!! [narr] The creators of Ice Age bring you the world of Dr. Seuss, as you've never seen it before. [Horton] HEELLOO!! Hello? I don't exactly know how to tell you this, but you're living on a speck. Seriously. Who is this? Is this Bert? From Accounting? [narr] Jim Carrey... There are people on this speck. [laughter] Absurd! They have a mayor who has 96 daughters and 1 son named Jojo, Who all share a bathroom. [crowd gasps] Whatever that is. [narr]Steve Carrell Dr. Laroo, if our world were say, a tiny speck, how would we know? Well, we would have unexplicable tremors, dramatic changes in the weather, and if we didn't achieve stability, our world is headed for disaster. Oh, we're doomed. [narr] On March 14, I want that clover destroyed! I will devour clover. [coughing] Then I will regurgitate it, and devour it again a second time. So two times devoured. [evil laugh] Allright, Fatboy, you want some of this? Horton! What? What? Keep watching the sky! I just know he's gonna jump out somewhere. Hello. Chessmate. This is where we get off. Cool line. Usually I can't think of those things until later. So Jojo, what's the word? Sweetheart, you need go to bed. Daddy's having a breakdown. [narr] 20th Century Fox presents, Even though you can't hear or see them at all, A person's a person, no matter how small. That's my code, my motto. Whoa! Ew, it's just a straight plummet to certain death. [narr] Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who. Don't worry, citizens of Whoville! I'm light as a feather. [classical music plays] Ahhhhh! Hmm. [narr] In theaters, March 14th. [captions by]

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