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Pets 101- Pet Skunks

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It is no secret that this unusual pet can be a real stinker. The spray from a skunk.... is both infamous and quite effective. Well, that smell can linger for a long time, and it is very defensive to making them. But the skunk has its shares of the sensary deprivation. they have poor eye-sight... and complete lack of homey instinct. If you loss your skunk, chances are he is not going to find his way home. As a result, most skunk owners... ...choose to let their furry pet live indoor with them. You heard it right! A skunk inside the house! domesticated skunks can be adopted through... ...breeders, rescue association, and even some pet stores. However, they are only legal in 17 states, and often times, a special permit is required... own one. Skunks are native to North America. Farmers in the early 20th century... ...kept skunks on their lands... ...but because of their ability to drive away rodents. Wild skunks persist the common... coat with white stripes. Domesticated skunks had been bred... a multitudal colors and coat types. They can come in brown and white... ...and foam colors and so on. The skunk has loner than average front claws. This allows them to be an efficient digging machine. They have been known to dig through... ...sheetrock and rip out molding. The skunk's tail is heavily plumed. And most often is a seamless extension... ...of the coat pattern. They have very bushy big fluffy tail. And they are very very cute. But once that tail left up, a skunk can quickly go from cute to intimidating. This is the cautionary sign of a skunk intention to spray. glance the size of gapes set just inside the urine. Each holds a liquid mixture... ...of sulfur containing chemicals that persist a powerfully offensive odour. When ready, the skunk pertuse tiny nozzle from each sack, and use the muscles around them... accurately fire the spray up to 25 feet. (eww) domestic skunks typically have these sacks... ...surgically removed. a decented skunk would seem to have that... ...familiar skunk odor. domesticated skunks are not legal in some states. And they need a enclose space so they won't wander off. pet skunks are only susceptible to rabies, if they are in contact with wild animals. with the right care, they can live up to 12 years. To hold a skunk correctly, support their back side with one arm, and allow them to rest on your shoulder. Use your other hand to hold the skunk's head which prevents from biting. Skunks are finicky eaters that require fresh food with careful attention... dietary needs. Skunks can be loving pets, however, their needs combine with their... ...tendency to escape, nip, and collect household items... ...make them only suitable for the most... ...experienced pet owners. So the domesticated skunks... ...can live in most indoor environment... long as they are skunk proved They can live a long live, provided that they are properly careful. Skunks require a strict diet that include only fresh foods. And unless you are very experienced pet owners the skunk is not the right pet for you. (em... giving me kisses back too)

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skunks as a pet

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