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What is Genesis

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[Adobe® Training Services - For Omniture® technology] Hi everybody. This is Doug, and today we're going to talk about what is Omniture® Genesis. Well, in a nutshell, Omniture® Genesis is a platform that integrates complementary third-party online marketing technologies with Omniture®. Now, it's a part of the Omniture® Online Marketing Suite, and I've got it right here in the Acquisition section, but that's really only partially true because Omniture® Genesis does integrate lots of different kinds of partner data into SiteCatalyst and into Omniture® products, so it really probably belongs in all of these sections because of its ability to integrate all different kinds of data. So we'll pretend like maybe it's in each of those. Genesis gives online marketers the ability to view and optimize campaign and conversion performance across multiple applications. Enabled by the industry's largest ecosystem of application providers, Genesis automates information sharing to support online marketing best practices, for cross-channel reporting, dynamic visitor segmentation, and performance optimization. So you can see here that there is ad serving and on-site search and optimization partners and email partners and all kinds of partner data, which is then integrated into Omniture® through Genesis. Genesis has a plug-and-play interface that allows us to just drag a little puzzle piece over, and it will launch a user interface that will help us really do this integration. Now, let me tell you real quick the story here of not using Genesis because there are some things that, yes, they are possible with SiteCatalyst, without having Genesis, but the power of Genesis really becomes apparent. So let me give you an example here of email re-marketing. And this is the manual approach for integrating and targeting different segments through email. So if we were to do this without Genesis, the first thing we'd have to do is place tracking codes on all of the emails that we have going out. And we'd get those tracking codes to the email vendor. So then we'd have to get the email vendor data back from them, sends, and opens, and different things like that per email. Then we'd be able to match up, of course, with these tracking codes. Then we'd have to take that email vendor data, and we'd have to import it into SiteCatalyst, using Data Sources, which is a data import tool for SiteCatalyst, to bring that information into SiteCatalyst and match it up with the visits that people will have there on your site and what they do. Then we'd have to take that information and create some Data Warehouse reports that would come out of SiteCatalyst, based on what they did. So did they look at this product and not buy it, etcetera, so that we can re-market to them? Then we'd have to take that Data Warehouse information and send this re-marketing information back to the vendor and say, based on what we were able to define in our product and export out of Data Warehouse, we'd like you to re-market to these people for these products, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So you can see this is actually quite intense to do it without Genesis, but what Genesis allows us to do is to actually then take one of these partners in the Genesis network here and drag that over onto the SiteCatalyst Genesis puzzle here, I guess, if you will. And that will actually then launch a user interface, which you can go through and then put in your user name and the data to have this information sent back and forth. Now, there's an accredited partner network with several partners, many, many partners, that have already worked with us for this network and for this integration. And so you can also go through and read white papers and see the company website. In case you don't have a relationship with these partners, but you think it sounds good, and you want to find out more about them, then you can also find out more through our resources tab there, as well. Once it's all integrated, you'll be able to have online marketing performance dashboards, so that you can really see not only the success of bringing people into your site through these different partners, but how they help you maximize a conversion on your site. As mentioned, there is this bi-directional information exchange between the accredited partner and Omniture® SiteCatalyst, so that we don't have to manually take the information and send it over there and then manually export it and bring it back over here and run back and forth, but that this information transfers and flows both directions to be able to have this really be automated. Again, I mentioned that it is wizard-based, so when you actually drag the little puzzle piece over there, then you can walk through these different screens and put in your user name and decide which kind of information comes back into SiteCatalyst, etcetera. So there is some setup there, but here is what it's not. It's not a whole bunch of coding and back-end things. This is stuff that once your relationship is set up with a partner, then a marketing person can easily walk through this wizard and set up this information exchange between SiteCatalyst and the partner. So, very, very powerful. As an example of what you can get out of it then, you can see that you can have integrated data here between a partner--in this case, an email partner, as an example-- and Omniture® data, all in the same report. In fact, you could also take some of the numbers from each one, whether it be impressions and revenue and different things like that, and use these numbers together to create calculated metrics that use both of those. So this is a very, very powerful tool that allows us to, again, integrate all kinds of different third-party data into SiteCatalyst and Omniture® data, so that you can have a better view and a more automated approach to your marketing. [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe Genesis product is, and how it can help you.

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