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Discorso di Re Umberto - 13.06.1946

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Message of June 13th, 1946 with the King clear protest regarding the rigging of referendum results: Italians, when I first became Lieutenant General of the Realm and then crowned King I declared that I would bow to the freely expressed will of the people regarding what institutional form the State was to have and I made the same statement again after the 2nd June, being certain that everyone would wait for the announcement to be made by the Supreme Court of Cassation, to which the Law entrusted the task of checking and proclaiming the final results of the referendum. but given the provisional and partial results communicated by the Supreme Court and the fact that it reserved the right to make a definitive statement by the 18th June regarding complaints and the exact number of votes cast and how many ballots were declared null and void; and seeing that the question raised, but never answered, concerning how the majority would be calculated, I repeated, again yesterday, that it was my right and duty as king to wait for the Supreme Court to make known whether it ratified that Republican form of government had gained the necessary majority. Yet suddenly, during the night, in total disregard for the laws and the sovereign power of an independent judiciary, government officials acted in a revolutionary manner, unilaterally and arbitrarily assuming powers that did not right belong to them thus placing me in the predicament of alternatively causing bloodshed or sanctioning a violation. Italians, when our country, so recently emerged from a tragic war, sees its borders threatened and its unity in danger, I believe it is my duty to do all that is in my power to ensure that there is no more pain and no more tears are shed by people who have already suffered so much. I am confident that the judiciary, whose traditional independence and autonomy are one of the glories of Italy, will be able to have is say freely. Not wishing to oppose the abuse of power by force and make myself an accessory to the lawlessness that the government has committed, I will leave the soil of my native country, in the hope of averting further death and suffering to the Italian people. In making this sacrifice, in the supreme interest of the Fatherland, I feel obliged as an Italian and as King to raise my voice of protest against the violence that has been committed. I protest in the name of the crown and all the people, inside and outside our borders, who had the right to see their fate decided within the confines of the law and in a manner that would dispelled all doubt and suspicion. To all those who are still loyal to the monarchy, to all those who in their hearts rebel against injustice, I ask that you remember my example, and I exhort you to want to avoid the escalation of any further conflicts that would threaten the country's unity, fruit of the faith and sacrifice of our fathers, and could make the conditions of the peace treaty more difficult to bear. With a heart full of pain, but with a clear conscience that I have made every effort to fulfil my duties, I leave my land. Consider yourselves freed from any oath of allegiance to the king, but not to the Fatherland, all of you who have served and remained faithful to us through many hardships; I thoughts go out to those who have fallen in the name of Italy and my fond farewell to all Italians. Whatever fate awaits our country, Italy will always be able to count on me as the most devoted of its children. Long live Italy!

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Discorso di Re Umberto - 13.06.1946

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