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. In the last 30 years, the people of Egypt have faced oppression under a dictators rule Rising food price, unemployment and police brutality sparked one of the most monumental moments in the country's history A revolution to put the power back into the hands of the pepople A revolution to put the power back into the hands of the pepople [18 DAYS - A film by Marco El Gabry] [18 DAYS - A film by Marco El Gabry] [18 DAYS - A film by Marco El Gabry] If you are in Egypt and you are young person like when I was in Egypt, you thought the world is to be XXX??? 'causeyou grew up with him, that's all you know and all you see on TV. His pictures you growp up with everywhere ; it's just completely brain washing. You only know he exists During the Mubarak's regime, life was very hard for everyone . The cost of living had been raised very high . The oppression that tehy live in and how much controlling and the police beating people and the government stealing money and... Hum, I have seen what the man is capable of and I have seen what he has done to a country that was so powerful economically to a crippled country After a while you have to change your mind about how the regime is run. I remember this is going on for quiete some time. - I remember that wednesday when the pro Mubarak portesters appaeard out of nowhere and start attacking the people, that was really difficult They were bombing . the anti government protesters, that had no weapons on them - The police started by throwing tear gas at children and at women and also driving at people with cars using water canons to spray water at some people who were praying This is something against all religions and no one should be able to do this. - The more people got together, the more stories they shared about the lives and about the troubles which made them more people want to join in and anger just sort of show really. The media aslo helped . . . . . All of these things were unfolded quiete fast People didn't know what was gonna happen next. The country was going through turmoil. You know the economy had completely shut down - The number of people living under the poverty line was 42% of the population at the time . . . . . Food supplies were limited. You're there in the Square seeing people die around you for this lenght of time lots of uncertainty People just had enough They just wanted to get rid of him . . . - There was a sens of relief that finally something is being done about it That they are doing something to move the life forward finally to just try and to gather something for XXXX left I guess - It was really unbelievable the atmosphere was just incredible People were born again Everyone was celebrating. The whole of Cairo was out in the streets. People were really proud you know They had wavig flags and paint in there faces It was just an unbelievable experience It was euphoric, I'll never forget that day in my life - Absolut and utter relief and Happiness . . . After 30 years of oppression the people of Egypt had freedom - I my personal view, I think this was gonna happen sooner or later But even though everyone wanted Mubarak to go I can't stand in front of a mother who's lost her son And say : "that was the right price to pay" [Special thanks to : the El Gabry family, the Affinita family Ahmed Fawaz, Ahmed Abdalsalam, Khaled Ahmed Hamed, Mohamed Atta DIrector : Marco El GABRY First Assistant Director : Kallan Treadwell ; Assistant producer : Rebecca Gadd-Cooke

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Posted by: marcoelgabry on Aug 25, 2011

After protests in Tunisia, the people of Egypt had enough of their 30yr old dictatorship under president Hosni Mubarak. The people of Egypt took to the streets for an intense 18 days and earned their freedom. Here is the story of that historic event...

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