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Ogiek Indigenous People Mapping their Lands

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My name is Julius Muchemi, I work with ERMIS Africa. Our organization deals with research, mapping and also information generation ... ... and dissemination, on matters pertaining to environment. We work in many different parts of the country, ... ... and currently we are here working on a project here in Mau Forest Complex. Our concern is actually the deforestation that has been taking place ... ... and also the hardship that the communities around Mau have been going through. Especially among the Ogiek community who have ... ... been having issues pertaining to their land, their territories, their culture ... ... and also the natural resources around them. For this project we have been training the community ... ... on how they can map resources, how they can map their territories, ... ... how they can also map the natural resources around them. We have trained 20 Ogiek clans ... ... on how they can use different types of mapping technologies. We started by training them on how they could use aerial photography to map their area, ... ... and then we have trained them - in the past 10 days - ... ... on how they could use participatory 3 dimensional modelling (P3DM) on the same issues. We have participants from different countries, about 11 countries in Africa, ... ... basically to train them on how they could use the same mapping technology ... ... with the communities that they are working with in their respective countries. For the Ogiek case we hope that as they have finished constructing the model ... ... which you can actually see, ... ... and which was constructed by the elderly people, men and women, the youth, ... ... and school-grade children who helped in some of the processes which led to the making the model. We hope that this model can be used [by the Ogiek] to manage their resources ... ... in a better way, to preseve their culture and also for inter-generational learning. We hope that other communities around the country can also take up the initiative ... ... and they can create models of their areas. The goodness about the 3D model is that it visualizes things ... ... that are surrounding the community in a more real way. Users are able to touch, to feel, to ... ... feel themselves on the land, ... ... so they are able here to interact with a model in a better way compared to other conventional mapping technologies. Our concern is to continue training both local communities ... ... and also developmental practitioners working in different organizations, ... ... and with different communities so they can be able to use ... ... this technology to advance issues of environmental concern. We hope that in the near future we will be able to work with other communities in Kenya ... ... and also in other parts of Africa. Thank you. Educational video produced in the framerwork of the project: " Support the spread of good practice ... ... in generating, managing, analysisng and communictaing spatial information"

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Posted by: giacomo on Feb 15, 2010

Julius Muchemi, Executive Director of ERMIS Africa, an NGO based in Kenya, reports on a Participatory 3D Modelling exercise which occurred in Nessuit, Kenya in August 2006. In the course of the exercise - attended by representatives from 21 Ogiek clans - an area of 52,800 ha was mapped at a scale 1:10,000. participants included close to 120 representatives from the different clans, men and women. Elders populated the model with their memories dating back to 1925 and reconstructed the landscape as it was at that time. The model displays 64 data layers including different types of areas, points and lines. In 2008 the Ogiek people expanded the coverage of the model to include further 40,000 ha

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