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Learning through History

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LEARNING THROUGH HISTORY History is something we should learn from But When history is in conflict With the Consumer With profit With pursuit of happiness We seem to go blind So if you look at Time and the influence Throughout time Of dictatorships We will notice a fascinating thing That the dictatorships Has been the times where Humanity For moments has Reached a higher level of living Where Points were proven the very moment Humanity give in to the The other dictator which is the freedom dictator Of the "ego" Then Problems ensure So a new form of dictatorship is necessary In the world One that is not based on the father As being the head of the family One that is not based on The political leaders As the Dictator One that is not based on god being The dictator One that is not Based on any form Of individualized Dictatorship It is a dictatorship that is based on a Mathematical equation That always results in the answer Through accumulation of that which is best for "all" Living things on earth That is dictating The terms of living on earth We have reached the ultimate dictatorship and One require no longer To be In debate About anything As To It's value because the value Is dictated as The value of Life and according to everything That exist Moves according to the perameters Of what is best for all and all as part all so Individually The rights of each person Is -- at the highest level it can ever be As is the rights of All living things that are without a say On earth Everything Considered and the human the custodian Of those that cannot take part In the actual decision making Because of their confinement to particular forms How will that change reality? Only time will tell because We, in a way, refuse to learn from history so We haven't got a lot of Information that we can call truth In terms of what the past is all about We have to now Learn as we go along One must also understand that everything we know About food - food production In this world cannot be trusted Because the starting point In Accumulating the knowledge and putting it into application Always in the background In many cases secretly and through Sources of corruption and greed Has manipulated information and knowledge Towrads the few to Have power and profit and the many to be blinded by beautiful Stories and pictures And information manipulated Through advertising So all of that type of Presentation which is currently forming part Of the Human experience That creates all kinds of fuzzy nice feelings within On which you based your decision making All of that are in fact Criminal in nature as it deliberately Misrepresent What is going on and therefore The person making the decision On what is best for them and Best for everyone else is influenced Through A criminal deliberate Misrepresentation, these Actions will not be tolerated In anyway whatsoever Because that is what is caused So many other forms of Criminality which in fact Wasn't even real criminals they are just "Forced" into these actions Through the Mal-administration Of information and knowledge In ways that isn't best for all But to benefit just a few and the many secrets that existed The existence of All! Secrets will end there will be No secrets because in a society Where all participate In a way that is best for all Secrets are criminal Because that "implies" Someone is being hurt by someone and therefore It cannot be tolerated and Any society! that accept any form of secrets Whatsoever Are criminal in its starting point and its nature and Participants that "defend" these Are in fact No different To criminals in a jail That try and dominate through forming gangs and That through their gangsterism Is harming others Because they get a kick out of dominating others That is all mental disorders That will be taken care of Effectively In an Equality system There is much that can be learnt from the past In terms of Ways to live Or ways to produce Goods and Without harming Either animal Or plant To the degree where it is Reduced to purely A substance That forms part of some Profit making enterprise An enterprising human Is, in essence, one that finds The point where All! is served best and that will become The actions of human that will be praised and for whom there will be recognition That which definitely proven Shows A result that is best for all in every way and those people Will become the leaders Of an Equal system Anyone that gossip That speak badly Or harmful about A fellow human being and Trying to manipulate them or reduce them Or misdirect them from The point that is best for all Will commit an act of That is criminal in nature and that is "not" serving Life Anything that do not serve Life and work for the reverse of Life Is in fact as word Says: Evil and will be dealt with accordingly Because within the context of what is best for all There is no polarity There is no opposite There is no good or bad There is "only" the tree of Life There is no tree of knowledge of good and evil Because it is not required It is not functional It has no purpose It has no point but to reveal Where there is mental disease That requires Urgent attention, as you can notice Now- is that most of the world Is suffering from extreme Forms of mental disorder That will Take mankind to the brink of extinction You can go there or you can stop and if you stop you can start To participate in creating A world that is best for all If you are unable to stop We understand you are diseased and when the time come We will assist, as best We can but at the end of the day you will be Placed in that position where you must be self Responsible and prove That you have the ability to honor Life To be part of Life If you refuse to do such Things You will be incarcerated Until the time you return to Your source Which is the earth Dust to dust As all things go and then as dust You will no longer harm and Thus Life will be set free From that which Has become The disease That which has become The secret chatters In the back rooms of the mind that keeps on chatting back As if it knows What is best for all When it is already proven Throughout history That such a point has never been achieved In all Memory of the human race and therefore self-forgiveness Becomes irrelevant To forgive oneself Forever! Creating memories Or participating in ways That has harmed Life and to bring forth A stable Recognition and interaction within the physical Where one self-honestly Consider, and evaluate oneself Whether you are working and acting and living "within" The context of what is best for all If you are truly benevolent Truly divine Truly godly Which is what awaits those That embrace Equality

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